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Workshop Proposals 2010


Workshop Number: 96

Title: Protecting women’s rights: Internet content from a gender perspective

Concise Description:
The debate around Internet content and regulation is based on concerns for freedom of expression, data protection or the protection of children from illegal or harmful content. The fact that much Internet content and many Internet business models perpetuate gender inequality (gender stereotyping, pornography, games linking sex and violence etc), and are used to subject women to violence and abuse (cyber stalking, sexual harassment, GPS tracking, trafficking in women) is largely overlooked.

This workshop will explore the importance of applying a gender perspective to Internet content, discussions around harmful content and content regulation. It will demonstrate how a change in perspective can change the perception of what needs to be regulated. This would allow future policies on content regulation to reflect the realities and concerns of both, women and men. This workshop will also discuss ways in which conflicting rights and interests can be reconciled: freedom of expression and business interests on the one hand and safety concerns and human rights on the other hand. It would be an important opportunity to bring to the fore of debates on Internet Governance the concerns of women who are exploited, sold, abused or controlled with the help of the Internet.

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Access and Diversity

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Ms Maya Indira Ganeshi, India, lead researcher, Exploratory Research on Sexuality and the Internet
Dr Katharine Sarikakis, Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Moderator: Mr Jan Malinowski, Council of Europe
Remote moderator: Jac sm Kee, APC Women's Networking Support Programme

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APC Women's Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP): Civil Society
Council of Europe: Intergovernmental organisation comprising 47 member states

Organization:Council of Europe

Contact Person: Johanna Nelles