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IGF 2014

The Ninth Annual IGF Meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 2-5 September 2014.

[NEWThe Next Open Consultations and MAG meeting will be held on 19-21 May at the UNESCO Headquartes in Paris, France.

[NEW] The hotel list with preferential rates for UNESCO is available here.

[NEWStatement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General  on intent of the United States to Transition Key Internet Domain Name Functions

[NEWCall for Workshop Proposals
The IGF Secretariat is issuing a call for workshop proposals for the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum. Interested workshop organizers are kindly asked to submit workshop proposals through the online form that will be available on the IGF website from 25 March 2014. The deadline for submission is 15 April 2014. Please note that there can be no extension of the deadline.  Before submission, workshop proponents are kindly asked to read the Workshop submission guidelines.  A template of the online proposal form is available.
[NEWThe workshop submission form is now online.

[NEW]  The proposed overarching theme for the IGF 2014 Annual meeting is: "Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multistakeholder Internet Governance" with the following proposed subthemes.
[NEWSummary Report - Virtual MAG Meeting 18 March 

19-20 February Open Consultations and MAG meetings

The first round of Open Consultations and MAG meetings were held on 19-20 February 2014 in Room XIX at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 

 Summary Report of the Open Consultations and MAG Meeting is available.

19 February, 2014 IGF Open Consultations and MAG Meeting - Full Transcript

20 February, 2014 IGF Consultations and MAG Meeting - Full Transcript

2014 Interim Chair

Under-Secretary-General Wu Hongbo has appointed Mr. Jānis Kārkliņš as Interim Chair of the Open Consultations and MAG meetings for the 2014 process. [PDF]

Preparing the 2014 IGF

Request for public input: The Secretariat put out a call for general reflections on IGF 2013 and recommendations for the IGF 2014  and suggestions or ideas for issues to be discussed at the 2014 IGF. Responses to this call are available under Contributions related to the Open Consultations February, 2014. A A synthesis paper of the contributions is available.

The 2014 Multistakeholder Advisory Group has been renewed.

IGF 2013

Online MAG meetings summaries:

Summary of online MAG meeting, of 18 December 2013.
of Informal Online Meeting, 3 December 2013

The MAG held a first stock-taking meeting on 5 November. A summary record of the virtual meeting is available. 

All stakeholders are encouraged to to assist the IGF self-evaluating itself and improving each year. To this effect, they are called on to fill in the overall evaluation survey as well as  the workshop evaluation form

The IGF 2013 annual meeting in Bali, Indonesia concluded on 25th October.


The list of speakers for the Opening Ceremony/Opening Session and Closing Ceremony are available with bios.

The schedule is available in Excel, HTML and PDF.

The Seventh Internet Governance book - Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development - is now available. 

National and Regional IGF initiatives

All organisers of national and regional IGF initiatives are kindly requested to respond to this survey

Public Input

The IGF Secretariat made a call for relevant policy questions to shape the discussions. The policy questions as a result of that request for input are now available

Remote participation:The links to the virtual rooms for each session and the transcripts are available for viewing.  

The Seventh Internet Governance book - Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development - is now available. 


All participants to the IGF 2013 workshops are encouraged to fill out the workshop evaluation form to assist the IGF self-evaluating itself and improving each year by ensuring that all workshops are of the highest quality.

Workshop Evaluation

 A provisional list of participants of the IGF2013 meeting is available.

IGF Website Redesign

The IGF Secretariat is planning to redesign the actual website ( You can send your comments in this section of the online forum regarding what you like and dislike about the current website and what would you like to see in the new one in terms of contents, layout and any other specific features.  Learn more



Download the book:

Internet Governance For Sustainable Human,

Economic and Social Development

Edited by Brian Gutterman



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