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IGF 2020: NRIs Preparatory Process

IGF 2020 Planning process

The objectives of the NRIs 2020 preparatory process (in preparing for the 15th IGF in Poland) are:

  • Main Session
  • Collaborative Sessions
  • Coordination Session
  • Booth at the IGF Village

The preparatory process is implemented through bottom-up, consultative process among all NRIs. This process is usually carried out through virtual meetings, surveys and open, written consultations through the NRIs mailing list. The final decisions are based on a consensus. 

NRIs Virtual Meetings Summary Reports

Meeting Date and Time Subject Agenda Focus
Virtual Meeting I
9 January 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Set work objectives for 2020
Virtual Meeting II
26 February 2020, 15:00 p.m. UTC
Decide on topics for the main session and collaborative sessions


Meeting inputs/outputs and announcements:

  1. Survey results to the NRIs Feedback Process on the NRIs 2019 Preparatory Process
  2. Analyses of:
    1. NRIs Policy Discussion Areas from 2019 
    2. NRIs responses to the IGF 2020 Call for Validation of Thematic Tracks 
    3. NRIs 2020 programme focus (January-February) [See here an overview of clustered received results]
  3. Guidelines for the NRIs sessions

Call to NRIs to Apply for Financial Grants (deadline: 3 March)



Proposed NRIs 2020 Timeline:

Time Range Work Item Subject Action
26 February NRIs Virtual Meeting II Decide on topics for collaborative sessions and main session​.
26 February- 13 March Confirming the final list of endorsed topics Through the NRIs mailing list, the NRIs to endorse 1 topic for the main session and up to 6 topics for the collaborative sessions.
13 - 26 March

Forming organizing teams for NRIs collaborative sessions

Via public call NRIs to sign up to co-host a collaborative session and identify 1 or more session facilitator(s).
IGF Secretariat: update guidelines for responsibilities of session facilitators and develop standard guidelines for case study inputs.

27 March Announce final organizing teams for the sessions IGF Secretariat to announce the final compositions of the NRIs collaborative sessions organizing teams.
27 - 30 March 

Organizing teams to identify session focal points

Each NRI, as part of a collaborative session co-organizing team, to submit 1 case-study. Guidelines on submissions to be developed by the IGF Secretariat.

1 - 14 April

Developing Session Proposals

Based on submitted case-study inputs, session facilitators to develop session proposals and the group to identify speakers/moderators/rapporteurs.

15 April (COB)

Final submission of proposals

Via IGF webform, session facilitators to submit proposals.

Rest to be planned

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