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IGF 2020 Village Booth #13 Russian Center for Promotion of International Initiatives


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Here you can find materials from the Russian stakeholder organisations, who participate at the vIGF 2020.

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Russian AI Srategy and the Concept of AI and robotcs regulation: 

IGF Russia web-site: 

Youth IGF Russia web-site:

Main session TRUST presentation:

Technology of providing feedback on social media users' complaints: 

Addressing AI ethics through codification

IVA Tensor Processing Unit Family. Performance for compute-intensive tasks:

Multipoint unified communications solution:

iPavlov AI: 

3Logic Group's science technology center:


The Russian Summer School on Internet Governance (RSSIG) is organized by the Coordination center for TLD .RU/.РФ together with Saint-Petersburg State University. Main outcomes.

  • RSSIG joined the Dynamic Coalition on Schools on Internet Governance (SIG).
  • The main goal of the School is to immerse students in the field of Internet governance and digital cooperation at the global and local level, as well as  develop skills for meaningful participation in international organizations, conferences and dialogues on these issues.
  • The next edition of RSSIG is scheduled on July-August 2021. More information is on the website:



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