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IGF 2020 Village Booth #34 MISSIONS PUBLIQUES


The project "We the Internet" (

The Global Citizens’ Dialogue on the future of Internet aims at addressing core questions of the future of Internet with ordinary citizens and stakeholder around the world. It will support the decision-making process on the future of this common good of Humanity. In 2018 and 2019, and with the support of a global coalition of partners, we prepared and tested the approach in 17 Dialogues around the world.

In 2020, it’s time to scale the process.

A global coalition

The Dialogue is initiated and coordinated by Missions Publiques, an impact driven organization aiming at improving Governance for the 21st Century (

It is steered by a global coalition of stakeholder: International organizations (UNESCO, European Commission, Council of Europe), Governments (Germany, Switzerland), Civil Society Organizations (Wikimedia Foundation, Web Foundation, World Economic Forum), private sector (Google, Facebook, Mozilla) and academics (WZB Berlin, Arizona State University – CSPO).

Global Deliberation Day

In June, July or September this year, we will deploy a Citizens and a Stakeholder Dialogue in 60+ countries of the world:

· The Citizens’ Dialogue will gather 100+ ordinary citizens in each participating country. They will address following topics: Internet and me, Building a strong Digital Identity, shaping the digital public sphere, governing artificial intelligence. They will also work on a national topic and formulate joint recommendations with stakeholder of their country.

· The Stakeholder Dialogue: In order to use synergies and the window of opportunity opened by the Report of the High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation, we will roll-out a Stakeholder Dialogue in parallel (same room, different tables) to the Citizens’ Dialogues. These will gather local groups of stakeholders that will work on recommendations 5a/b of the Report and produce recommendations for implementation to be submitted to the UN in the frame of the follow-up process (

Outcome and impact

The output of the discussion will be of high value for the discussion of the national and global IGFs as it will give deep insights in the way ordinary citizens of the world see the future of Internet.

It will also provide in depth data about recommendations 5a/b of the HLP Report that will be integrated in the follow-up process.