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IGF 2020 Village Booth #56 OECD


“OECD Going Digital” Booth

We plan to display two complementary OECD online platforms: the OECD Going Digital Toolkit ( and the OECD AI Policy Observatory (OECD.AI). Data exploration and visualisation are key features of both platforms, leveraging the OECD’s expertise in measurement methodologies and evidence-based analysis.

The Toolkit is structured along the lines of the OECD Going Digital Integrated Policy Framework, which includes seven policy dimensions – Access, Use, Innovation, Jobs, Society, Trust and Market Openness – that need to be considered to shape an inclusive digital economy and society. The Toolkit maps a core set of indicators to each of these policy dimensions and allows users to explore these data interactively to assess and compare countries’ digital development and develop policies in response.

OECD.AI is a complementary observatory that focuses on AI and on helping countries and other actors to shape and share policies for responsible, trustworthy and beneficial AI. OECD.AI provides information and guidance to implement the OECD AI Principles in policies and practices; provides analysis and data on AI’s impact on everything from transport to jobs and education; contains a database of over 300 AI policy initiatives from over 60 countries; and provides live news, data and research to keep up with the latest AI developments and trends.