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Newsletter Volume 1 No. 4, September 2020 (Part 1)

IGF 2020 Newsletter: September 2020 (Part 1)

In this newsletter:

·Preparations for IGF 2020: Internet for human resilience and solidarity

·IGF News

·Intersessional Activities

·For Your Action!

Preparations for IGF 2020: Internet for human resilience and solidarity


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(Registration will be available through to the end of the IGF meeting)



IGF 2020 Schedule Updates

The dates for IGF 2020 Phase 1 have been amended. The final dates for IGF 2020 are now:

·Phase 1: 2-6 November 2020 (was previously 23 October - 6 November)

·Phase 2: 9-17 November 2020 (no change)

Both phases will consist of three parallel tracks.

In addition, there have been some additional scheduling updates for some of the session types that in the last newsletter had yet to be allocated to phase 1 or 2:

·Best Practice Forums: Phase 2

·Networking sessions: Phases 1 and 2

·IGF Village: Open throughout phases 1 and 2

·IGF Youth Summit: Phase 1

The scheduling of Music Night is still being worked on.

A schedule is also now available for sessions to be managed by the originally planned host of IGF 2020, the Government of Poland. As many organisations from the Polish community had submitted requests to hold sessions on Day Zero prior to the decision to have IGF 2020 become an all-online event, these are now being included as a Polish community-organised track during Phase 1.

For more information see the draft schedule for IGF 2020.

A concept note for the High-Level Leaders track is also now available.

Youth Engagement at IGF

The draft strategy for strengthening youth engagement in IGF in 2020 and 2021 has now been published.

public consultation for the IGF Youth Summit is open to all young people (up to the age of 35 years) until 13 September.

IGF News

2020 is halfway through the 10-year mandate of the IGF granted by the UN General Assembly in December 2015. In addition, this year, the UN Secretary-General released the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, which supports a strengthened and expanded IGF. In response to these factors, the MAG Chair is convening a series of online discussions in September and October to reflect on the IGF's achievement of its mandate and contribute to the debate and discussion on the architecture for digital cooperation. More information is available here.

Intersessional Activities

Intersessional activities form a key part of the IGF’s work, providing a way for stakeholders to work on specific issues between annual IGF meetings. With IGF 2020 only two months away, now is a great time to join a Best Practice Forum (BPF) or a Dynamic Coalition (DC) and help shape their outputs for this year. Whatever your specific Internet policy interest, there is a BPF or DC for you!

If you don’t have the time to commit fully to one of these processes, you can still contribute to one of their short surveys or calls for input or case studies. Current open processes you can contribute to include:

·The BPF on Gender and Access has issued a survey, open until 20 September, seeking input on how IGF has incorporated discussions on gender-based violence, harm, pleasure and consent online since IGF 2016 and asking people to identify regional policy processes and spaces that discuss these issues.

·The BPF on Local Content has a survey, with a deadline of 6 September.

·The BPF Data and New Technologies in an Internet Context has a call for case studies, with the deadline extended to 25 September.

In addition, a draft report reviewing how BPFs have worked in the past and how they can be improved in future is available for comment through to 15 September. For more information, see Reviewing past BPFs to enhance future BPFs: a "BPF on BPFs".

For Your Action!

Consider hosting or participating in a remote hub.

Know of people who could make a great contribution to IGF 2020? Let the IGF Secretariat know!

Key dates and deadlines

1 September, 14:00 UTC

MAG Virtual Meeting XVI

3 September, 13:00 UTC

BPF on Gender and Access Virtual Meeting IX

3 September, 15:00 UTC

BPF on Data and New Technologies in an Internet Context Virtual Meeting VI

8 September, 20:00 UTC

MAG Virtual Meeting XVII

9 September, 18:00 UTC

Youth at IGF webinar

10 September, 15:00 UTC

BPF on Cybersecurity virtual meeting

17 September, 13:00 UTC

BPF on Gender and Access: Virtual Meeting X

20 September

Deadline: remote hubs registration

22 September, 11:00 UTC

MAG Virtual Meeting XVIII


Training sessions for remote hub organizers

14 October, 12:00 UTC

Youth at IGF webinar

See also: Full IGF calendar

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