Accessibility Hints

This page give some hints to make the most accessible possible the IGF's online participation:

  • Connecting to online participation: It is possible to automatically connect to the session's audio of the online participation platform when joining the meetings through Internet Connection.
  • Presenting in a session: If you are a panelist that needs to present something, you can share your presentation so onsite as online by making it available prior to the session to your organizer or online moderator. The online moderator will share it with the on-site person managing the online participation. During the session, your presentation will be shown then, onsite and online, and advanced according to your instructions.
  • Accessing the live transcription: A message will appear on screen saying that live transcription is available. This message, or the Caption button at the bottom can be clicked to open it. The panel allows to scroll the transcription.


Contact Information

United Nations
Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Villa Le Bocage
Palais des Nations,
CH-1211 Geneva 10

igf [at] un [dot] org
+41 (0) 229 173 411