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BPF Gender and Access: Meeting II

‎- Virtual Meeting II, 16 July 2018, 13:00 p.m. UTC -‎

‎1.‎    The second meeting of the BPF Gender took place on 16 July 2018, 13:00 p.m. UTC, and was ‎moderated by Agustina Callegari. ‎
‎2.‎    The agenda (see Annex A1) for the meeting was focused on planning and outreach activities.‎
‎3.‎    Each participant was again given the opportunity to introduce him- and herself, along with
his or her interest in the BPF’s work. The list of meeting participants is attached as Annex A2 ‎to this Report.‎

Summary of raised key points
‎4.‎    Update on Last MAG meeting
Renata Aquino Ribeiro (MAG member and BPF Gender co-facilitator) gave an update on the ‎second Open Consultations and MAG meeting that took place 11-13 July 2018, in Geneva. ‎
It was mentioned that the MAG reviewed the workshops and, while the final list of WS ‎approved is not ready yet, the theme of gender equality doesn’t appear between the top-‎rated WS. ‎
In this context, the importance of the BPF Gender session was highlighted and also that the ‎BPF can collaborate in different ways (statements, speakers, etc.) with WS organizers to ‎integrate gender within other IG topics. ‎
It was also said that the Paris Peace Forum will take place in Paris at the same time that the ‎IGF 2018 (11-13 November) and that the application to present projects is now open: ‎
‎5.‎    ‎2018 work ‎
The group reviewed the 2018 proposal. Non-binary identities and transgender were ‎mentioned again as communities that the group is interested in focus the work. Also, women ‎refugees were suggested as another group in which the BPF could focus this year. ‎
For the second point of the proposal (looking at alternative ways of connectivity and how ‎they are impacting on women), as the scope is large, it was proposed to focus on no more ‎than three technologies. Community Networks was mentioned as an option as there is ‎information available (APC, for example, is conducting a study). ‎
As the consultant was appointed this week, the co-facilitators will work with her before the ‎next meeting to analyze how to move forward in terms of methodology and timeline.  ‎
‎6.‎    NRIs Engagement
The importance of doing outreach for the BPF was also highlighted. As it was done in the ‎previous years, BPF members are encouraged to share the work that the BPF is doing at the ‎NRIs.‎
It was also mentioned that the SIG Women is organizing the 2nd LACIGF Fem during LACIGF ‎‎(1st of August, 8-9am -local time- in Buenos Aires), which is a good opportunity to promote ‎the BPF. Those planning to attend LACIGF, please share it here (mailing list) so we can ‎coordinate.‎
‎7.‎    EQUALS Awards Application
During the call, it was discussed the possibility to apply for the EQUALS in Tech Awards. As ‎there were some questions as regards the scope of the awards and the type of initiatives that ‎can apply, it was mentioned that this year, the Awards have a research category, which is ‎focused on recognizing studies that are helping to expand digital gender divide knowledge. ‎With this information, the group decided to apply if the IGF Secretariat supports the idea. ‎The draft will be circulating here once/if we have the Secretariat confirmation. (Deadline is ‎Friday 20, so we are tight)‎
‎8.‎    AOB - blog
As discussed during the 1st call, the group is planning to write some short articles about the ‎work done by the BPF in previous years. Bruna and Debora volunteered to write the first ‎blog. The group is also discussing where to publish it.‎
‎9.‎    Next meeting
The BPF Gender will have its third call the week of July 30 – August 2‎
Please complete the Doodle pool by Wednesday, July 25. Link to the Doodle Pool: ‎

Annex A1‎
Meeting Agenda
‎1.        Welcome and presentation‎
‎2.        Update on last MAG meeting‎
‎3.        2018 work: proposal and timeline‎
‎4.        NRIs engagement‎
‎5.        EQUALS Awards application‎
‎6.        AOB‎
‎7.        Next meeting‎

Annex A2
List of participants
‎1.‎    Alejandra Errasmure ‎
‎2.‎    Amrita Choudhury
‎3.‎    Aida Mahmutovic
‎4.‎    Agustina Callegari
‎5.‎    Bruna Martins dos Santos
‎6.‎    Eleonora Mazzucchi
‎7.‎    Jeannete Torrez
‎8.‎    Renata Aquino Ribeiro
‎9.‎    Sarah Kiden ‎
‎10.‎    Smita ‎
‎11.‎    Paula Real

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