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DC-PAL: Action Plan


  • To place public access to the Internet through public libraries on the agenda of the IGF as a cross-cutting issue on a number of IGF key themes, e.g. Internet Governance and Development; Access and Diversity; Security, Openness and Privacy; Youth.


  • To ensure that EIFL and IFLA, as representatives of libraries and their users, are consulted on issues of Internet Governance within, and outside of, the context of the IGF.


  • To create a dialogue between library representatives and policy makers on the potential of public libraries in major policy areas such as social cohesion, education, employment, community development, health and agriculture,  in pursuit of sustainable funding and favourable policies towards libraries.


  • To feed in IGF-related activities to existing EIFL and IFLA work programmes for ICTD in 2012 and beyond.


  • Engage with the national, regional and international IGFs, by

- Drafting a statement on public access in libraries for discussion by the members of the IGF.

- Developing action that IGF stakeholders can take to support public access in libraries.

- Proposing workshops on libraries, public access and issues affecting public access at each annual IGF as well as speaking up about Internet access through public libraries in relevant IGF sessions.

- Holding a meeting of the Dynamic Coalition at each IGF.

- Ensuring the participation of library representatives at two or more regional IGFs (including EuroDIG and at least one regional IGF in a developing country each year).

- Mobilising EIFL and IFLA national members to engage with national IGF initiatives including through proposing and participating in workshops at regional IGFs.

- Providing a discussion list for the Dynamic Coalition and regularly posting relevant news about public access to the Internet through public libraries.

- Expanding the multi-stakeholder list of organizations belonging to the Dynamic Coalition and keeping them up to date through the mailing list, with the aim of bringing the debate about public access in public libraries to the different strands of the IGF forum each year.

- Integrating IGF activities within the context of library activities annually, such as at annual library conferences including the World Library and Information Congress (WLIC), and by presenting learning from the Dynamic Coalition interactions and exchanges and leading discussions on ‘Public Access through public libraries’.


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