IGF 2018 WS #248 FabLabs and the Maker Movement: Structuring Chaos?

Organizer 1: Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Organizer 2: Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Organizer 3: Government, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

FabLabs and Makerspaces are "interspaces" with a strong emphasis on doing, sharing, and learning by doing and sharing. As such, they are part of a vision where the Internet is used to decentralize empowerment. But they are also institutions, and they need to protect their vision, their culture, their values. How do you keep these forces together while staying authentic? How to build and protect peer production infrastructures without ignoring diversity ? How to build networks based on equality and reciprocal dignity principles ?


Birds of a Feather - 90 Min


The session will be an open discussion between Nicolas Loubet, Sylvia Fredriksson and Bastien Guerry with contributions by Lionel Maurel, Laura Aufrère, Vladimir Ritz, Yoann Duriaux, Antoine Burret, Rieul Techer.


We kept the number of speakers limited to let speakers from other background step in, if possible.

The session will present a state of the worldwide Maker movement, insisting on the tensions that arise from incompatible visions. From there, it will explore possible futures for the Maker movement, assessing the role that Internet Governance can play in them. Case studies : MoveCommons, Tilios (collective certification mark).

Discussion Facilitation: 

The onsite moderator will first introduce the general topic, then say a few words on each participant. She will then explain that the session is also live online and that participants to the onsite session can raise questions at any time, if this is okay with the speakers. She will then start the discussion among speakers and keep a balanced timing amont them and interactions with the onsite and online audience.

Online Participation: 

We will share a framapad.org link, an IRC channel and a Twitter/Mastodon hashtag. The online moderator will monitor these channel and report questions and reactions live. The framapad notes will then be used as a draft for a collaborative report of the session.

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