IGF 2018 WS #307 Digital Gender violence in Latin America


Organizer 1: Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

This issue is really important because in our region social networks are used to spread digital gender violencia, it's a critical situation in the human rights field.


Flash Session - 30 Min


One speaker with multimedia support, 30 minutes for presentation and share experiences


I came for a devoloping country and this will be my first time at an IGF session

- Introduction
- Actual situation in the region
- Cases
- Work and initiatives realized for Usuarios Digitales and other NGOs in the region
- Share experiencies
- Conclusions

Discussion Facilitation: 

We'll have a time for share experiences and conclusions.

Online Participation: 

In a flash session is not too practical get a fluent online participation.

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