IGF 2018 WS #419 Digital as a growth enabler for Africa


Round Table - 90 Min

Organizer 1: Alexandre Zapolsky, Conseil National du Numérique

Speaker 1: Alexandre Zapolsky, Civil Society, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
Speaker 2: Cina Lawson, Government, African Group
Speaker 3: Aurelie ADAM SOULE ZOUMAROU, Government, African Group


In Africa, digital industry is serving all industries development as it is fostering inclusion, growth and sustainability.

Session Content: 

We believe that the new road to development is driven for and by people, and that it thrives new opportunities and the most equal-opportunity platform for people and economic empowerment for Africa. This Forum should aim to create deeper connections between governments and companies that will lead to create a technological and economic environment that is more business-oriented for development and inclusion.


Roundtable with different African Ministers


African & European speakers

Online Participation: 

Alliance for Digital & Development (http://alliance-digital.org/) includes 15 digital professional associations & leaders and will set up a website to organize a participatory consultation before the roundtable.

Discussion Facilitation: 

50/50 for interventions and discussion

Onsite Moderator: 

Alexandre Zapolsky

Online Moderator: 

Alexandre Zapolsky


Alexandre Zapolsky

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