IGF 2019 WS #108 CINESOFT , one step for Cuba governance contents ?

Organizer 1: Pérez Alonso Dayron,
Organizer 2: Fernando Ortega Cabrera, MINED
Organizer 3: Darcy Borrero Batista, El TOQUE

Speaker 1: Pérez Alonso Dayron, ,
Speaker 2: Fernando Ortega Cabrera, Government, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)
Speaker 3: Darcy Borrero Batista, Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

Policy Question(s): 

1-How does Cuba avoid the impossibility of accessing specific software for education?
2- How Cuba deals with the impossibility of accessing blocked content products of the North 3-American policy of repression against the Cuban people?
4- What has been the country's integrating strategy for a set of contents and services related to Cuban education?
5-Is it possible to unify the state company with private entrepreneurs?
How this symbiosis has contributed to the development of internet and applications for this in Cuba

Relevance to Theme: The initiative has been part of the computerization of the country and has involved the construction of an ecosystem where technology is the means that contributes to a higher quality of education and life and, at the same time, is inclusive and benefits the entire population .
The initiative to create a company of Softwares and Audiovisual and educational contents that has as a platform and final end the Internet is part of the country's strategy and the will expressed by the Government to advance in the computerization of society. Content is accessed through the 2 300 centers connected to the internet in the country via the Cuban educational portal and the computer network of the Ministry of Education. Through the project, the MINED aims to evolve from repetitive and banking education that seeks to "form" living encyclopedias and evaluates on the basis of the amount of accumulated knowledge without considering the capacities, to be inserted into the 2.0 education. from the interpretation of the information that is offered to them.
-Demonstrate how Cuba works to develop and alphabetize the NICT to Cuban society through programs aimed at education
- Demonstrate the will and governmental need to exchange and manage pedagogical and computer content to promote digital literacy in society and the use of communication technology, including the internet to update the scientific knowledge of teachers.

Relevance to Internet Governance: ICT in education solutions
CINESOFT and RIMED use the NICT from a horizontal perspective as builders of all knowledge and a free internet. It encourages citizens and society as a whole to explore, resign and appropriate these new technologies and contents as scenarios of creation, expression and recognition. From educational projects and the participation of the community with the activities of the company to promote their products in which children are the main audience, to be identified as the main components or structuring of the future society.
The initiative was added to the will expressed by the Government to advance in the computerization of society. Since then, a group of Cuban teachers has been working 365 days a year to create educational content for nearly one million 745 thousand 600 Cuban students and 26 654 teachers, located in 70 thousand 700 educational institutions.
CINESOFT through the Cuban educational portal and the Computer Network of the Ministry of Education offers the mechanism of telematic exchange that allows users to comment on the contents that are exposed and the possibility that they can publish scientific papers, educational experiences, among others, to be socialized.
The Provincial and Municipal Offices of Education of the country monitor the employment and development of the Cuban educational portal and the software, as well as enrich them with content, as irrefutable proof that the Cuban government tries to involve the whole society as a whole to the creation of knowledge and content for the internet. Educational informatics consultancies are also carried out by the Ministry of Education, which oversee the use and use of educational portal resources by students and teachers, as well as the software developed in CINESOFT and the audiovisuals for education. In addition to encouraging the creation of own content for the web according to the characteristics and local contexts of each of the schools inserted in the Ministry of Education network.


Debate - Auditorium - 60 Min

Description: The computerization of the Cuban educational system is a project in constant evolution of the Ministry of Education of Cuba, in the labor field, teachers and technicians of the National Directorate of Educational Informatics and of the Informatics and Audiovisual Media Company, CiNESOFT, of the same ministry. . There are multiple projects related to e-government and the development of knowledge and software for the Internet, as well as for the use of this technology for Cuban society, in the National Education System of the Mayor's Office of the Antilles.
Cuba through the company CINESOFT and the Directorate of Educational Informatics have developed a series of guidelines to consolidate an integrating strategy that serves as a door to a whole set of contents and services related to Cuban education. We also have a series of websites and an educational portal that channels an interactive, systemic, dynamic communication channel, committed to the development of the Internet in Cuba.
After a brief presentation of Cuba's strategy of educational content for the Internet and the development of an educational software industry for the Internet to promote inclusion and all digital sovereignty, specific questions will be asked to encourage debate with the public. The public will be the main protagonist in the room, as their questions can enrich part of the knowledge and development of the country in the area of Internet content development.
Questions to be discussed: Governance and education, responsibility of governments?
The software industry as part of the development of sovereign content for the internet?
Government policies to favor the development of content for the internet
Symbiosis for development between development of educational content from government and development from private entrepreneurs

Expected Outcomes: It is expected to obtain different points of view on the strategies used by the best to include all sectors of Cuban society to promote an industry of educational software and programmer and content for the Internet.
You can also obtain information about the points of view of people living outside of Cuba with regard to the Internet in Cuba and its contents.

Onsite Moderator: 

Fernando Ortega Cabrera, Government, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

Online Moderator: 

Darcy Borrero Batista, Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

Discussion Facilitation: 

It will be used in addition to the open forum, the website of Cubaeduca, its Facebook page will be used, as well as a communication platform for interaction with the rest of Cuban civil society will be opened.
Open questions will be asked to the public to motivate the debate, from which they will be obtained and a response will be given on the different topics that will be discussed.

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Usage of IGF Tool

Proposed Additional Tools: We planned to use Cubaeduca plattaform


GOAL 4: Quality Education
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure