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IGF2013 - Orientation Sessions

Every morning an orientation session will serve to help map the overall IGF and other diplomatic/political processes, main actors and ecosystem, various topics, and help newcomers to understand how they can engage during and after IGF and benefit from it. It will be highly interactive, with group work, with assistance of facilitators and volunteer experts in various topics/thematic areas.


Orientation sessions are intended for both newcomers to the IGF and those that are already involved but would need to get a more holistic view of internet governance. It will gather experts, fellows, decision-makers and practitioners to “dive in” process, actors and topics related to the Internet governance. The sessions will be serious but amusing, creative but also informative, open but also guided in order to be effective.


Day 1: 8.00-9.30, Main Hall

Set up: Panelist & audience (classroom setting)

Participants: All Stakeholders

Main focus: Navigating the IGF; Diplomacy, process, actors;

Time: 90 mins


I. (20min) Introduction: Navigating the IGF

    -          Navigating IGF: providing practical hints and inputs on how to navigate the IGF during the meeting; (Main sessions, workshops, remote participation, corridors, etc

    -          How to choose the workshops


    1. 1. Is this your first time to attend a global IGF?
    2. 2. Are you involved or have you attended any of the national/regional  IGF’s
    3. 3. What is your expectation in the IGF 2013

    Short Q&A

    II. (55min) Diplomacy, process and actors:

      WSIS process, IGF, other fora (EC, ICANN, ITU); actors/stakeholders and their main positions with panelists from; WGIG/IGF/ICANN/ITU members;

      -          A brief of the WSIS process

      -          Role and mandate of the IGF and MAG

      -          CSTD role and WGs

      -          Multistakeholder model and roles:

      -          Technical

      -          Civil Society

      -          Government

      -          Academia

      -          Intergovernmental

      -          Media

      -          Private Sector /Business

      Short Q&A



      III. (15min) Snapshot of Day 1

        -          Plenary 1: “Building Bridges - The Role of Governments in Multistakeholder Cooperation”

        -          Capacity building sessions of the day (WS 215)


        1. Why this theme? (Difference in themes’)
        2. Why attend this session?
        3. How to get involved with the sessions (a little explanation e.g will there be a Q&A in this session?)

        Day 2: 8.00-9.30, Main Hall

        Set up: Groups/Touring

        Participants: All Stakeholders

        Main focus: Understanding the topics of the day (security, openness, privacy; access and diversity; IG for development; critical Internet resources)

        Time: 90 mins


        (10min) Introduction: Ice breaker

          -          How did you find the first day? (Any Challenges? Recommendations?)

          (20min) Snapshot of Day 2

            -          “Internet Governance Principles”

            -          “Focus Session: Principles of Multistakeholder Cooperation”

            -          “Focus Session (Security): Legal and other Frameworks: Spam, Hacking and Cyber-crime”

            -          “Taking Stocks”

            -          Capacity building sessions of the day (WS 287, WS 62)

            (60min) “Topics Fair” - Thematic areas

              1. SOP group:

              -          Topics: security, openness, privacy and related (surveillance, net neutrality, data protection, human rights)

              -          Lead by CS &Media Assisted by organizers of wksh- Cyberspace governance- Exploration, How can Internet be an engine of development and growth

              1. Access and Diversity group:

              -          Topics: access and diversity, including infrastructure for last mile, costs, cloud infrastructure, local content and services, ...

              -          Lead by lead by Private Sector & Academia assisted by  organizers of Wksh- Encouraging locally relevant content to grow the internet, A better internet with you(th)

              1. IG4D group

              -          Topics: governance, multistakeholder model and roles, environment for the emerging markets, ...

              -          Led by Government & intergovernmental organizations  assisted by organizers of Wkshps; FOSS smart choice for developing countries, Internet Security through Multistakeholder cooperation

              1. CIR group

              -          Topics: critical Internet resources including root zone, DNS, IP (IPv6), role of ICANN, RIRs and ccTLDs, resilience and stability of CIR

              -          Led by Technical team assisted by organizers of workshops , Internet Governance for next billion users


              Groups/ Touring

              -          Various topic experts are split into small groups around the room, trying to persuade participants that their topic is most intriguing, raising controversies, explaining solutions, players and positions (at least 2 experts on each topic)

              -          The particular organizers of the capacity building (WS 215, 287, 62, 344, 201, 175) will also get involved and share details of their workshops and their relevance to the particular theme and encourage participants to attend

              -          Participants can roam between groups if they wish, and get involved

              -          High interaction within groups

              Day 3: 8.00-9.30, Main Hall

              Set up: Role plays

              Main focus: IG negotiations (simulation)

              Time: 90 mins


              (10min) Introduction: Ice breaker

                -          How did you find the second day? (Any Challenges? Recommendations?  )

                (20min) Snapshot of Day 3

                  -          “Access/Diversity: Internet as an Engine for Growth and Sustainable Development”

                  -          “Openness: Human Rights, freedom of expression, free flow of information on the Internet”

                  -          Capacity building sessions of the day (WS 344, 201, 175)

                  1. (60min) IG negotiations exercise:

                  Experts and novices in groups –role plays on negotiating skills/demonstration of the ‘corridor’ talks et.c and role plays.

                  Participants will be divided into several groups of 7-8 in each. Different “stakeholder hats” and specific roles will be assigned as a position each should take on several IG issues (eg. level and format of the multistakeholderism in a global IG model; security; surveillance and data protection; access and development), and a goal each is asked to achieve at the end of negotiations. Clear procedures of negotiations will be outlined at the beginning, and equal time slots of several minutes will be given to each participant, including slots for corridor talks.

                  Participants will:

                  -             Have the opportunity to wear a hat of different stakeholders and understand their IG concerns and interests

                  -             Test their negotiation skills in a multistakeholder environment in both the formal and informal environment

                  -             Focus on the challenging negotiation points in the hottest thematic areas

                  -             Dissect the global political negotiation process

                  -             Compare the simulation with experience from real IG negotiations and processes in discussion with experienced professionals from all stakeholders

                  -             Share lessons learnt from each role play


                  Day 4: 8.00-9.30, Main Hall

                  Set up: Panelist from the audience & audience (classroom setting)

                  Participants: All Stakeholders

                  Main focus: Next steps: getting involved with Internet governance after IGF Bali (IGF14, WSIS+10, national and regional IGFs, e-participation)

                  Time: 90 mins

                  (10min) Introduction: Ice breaker

                    -          How did you find the third day? (Any Challenges? Recommendations?)

                    1. (10min) Snapshot of Day 4

                    -          “Taking Stocks / Emerging Issues”

                    -          “Open Microphone session”

                    (60min) Involvement beyond IGF2013

                      -          Getting engaged/involved on national and regional level - how and why?

                      -          Inclusiveness: Involving the persons with disabilities, youth and indigenous groups?

                      -          Capacity building mechanisms and programmes

                      -          Continued engagement: e-participation

                      -          Beyond 2013: Towards IGF14 and WSIS+10

                      -          Q & A – Open Discussion

                      (10min) Capacity Building “Taking Stocks”

                        -          What can be improved for IGF2014?




                        Contact Information

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