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List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2015

Regional IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2014 Annual Reports 2015
African IGF   African IGF 2015_Report
Arab IGF  (English) Arab IGF Annual Report 2014   
Asia Pacific IGF  APrIGF Annual Report 2014 APrIGF Annual Report 2015
Central Africa IGF    
Commonwealth IGF    
East Africa IGF   EAIGF 2015 Report
European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) EuroDIG Annual Report 2014 EuroDIG 2015 Report
IGF Latin American and Caribbean Regional Preparatory Meeting for the IGF (LAC IGF)    
Persian IGF    

Southern Africa IGF   SAIGF Report 2014  

South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG)

  SEEDIG Annual Report 2015
West Africa IGF    WAIGF 2015 Report


National IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2014 Annual Reports 2015
Argentina IGF Argetnina IGF 2015 Report  
Armenia IGF   Arm IGF Report 2015
Austria IGF   Austria IGF 2015 Report

Regional Internet Governance Forum of Azerbaijan  RIGFAZ Annual Report 2014  
Bangladesh IGF

Benin IGF

Benin IGF Annual Report 2014 Benin IGF 2015 Report
Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF   BHIGF 2015 Report
Brazilian Internet Forum

  Brazil IGF 2015 Report 
Belarus IGF      
Canada Internet Forum   CIF Report 2015
Croatia IGF     Croatia IGF 2015 Report
Chad IGF    IGF Chad 2015 Report
Colombia IGF   Colombia IGF 2015 Report
Denmark IGF    
Finnish Internet Forum  Finnish Internet Forum 2014 Final Report  Finnish IGF 2015 Report
German IGF   German IGF 2015 Report 
Ghana IGF   Ghana IGF 2015 Report
Italy IGF  Italy IGF - Report of the 2014 Meeting  Italy IGF 2015 Report
Kenya IGF Kenya Internet Governance Forum 2014 Report  
Malta IGF Report on Malta IGF 2014  
Mexico IGF    
Mozambique IGF (Smart Dialogue on Internet Governance) Report of the 2014 Meeting  
New Zealand IGF   NetHui 2015 Report
Netherlands IGF NL IGF Annual report 2014 NL IGF Report 2015
Nigeria IGF Nigeria IGF 2014 Annual Report NIGF Report 2015
Peru IGF    
Portugal IGF Portugal IGF 2014 Annual Report  
Russia IGF Russia IGF Annual Report 2014  

Spain IGF Spain IGF Report 2014

Spain IGF 2015 Report 

Swiss IGF   Swiss IGF Report 2015

Togo IGF    
Ukraine IGF Ukraine IGF 2014 Report Ukraine IGF 2015 Report 
 IGF USA The Internet Governance Forum USA 2014 Conference Report The Internet Governance Forum USA 2015 Conference Report
UK IGF UK IGF Report 2014 UK IGF Report 2015 
Uganda IGF   Uganda IGF 2015 Report 
Tunisian IGF    
Zimbabwe IGF    ZIGF Report 2015






Others Websites Annual Reports 2014 Annual Reports 2015
Youth IGF Project Youth IGF Project Report 2014  
Youth IGF  Youth IGF Annual Report 2014  
German Youth IGF    
Youth IGF (Asia Pacific) 


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