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IGF 2020 Newsletter

IGF 2020 Newsletter: One day to go!

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  • IGF 2020 is About to Begin!
  • IGF News
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  • For Your Action!

IGF 2020 is About to Begin!

Registration is still open!

After you have registered for IGF 2020, you can view a new interactive schedule that enables you to select the sessions you want to attend.

One easy place to access information about IGF 2020

There is now one page for you to access all the information you need to get the most out of IGF 2020.

Not sure how to access the Zoom links to sessions?

There's a guide available to help you. Also, once you have registered for IGF 2020, you can access this set of help and FAQs on online participation.

Pre-meeting guide to IGF 2020 issues and themes

The first ever pre-meeting guide for an IGF meeting was put out for feedback this week. The comment period has now closed, with the final version incorporating feedback to be published 2 November.

Turning discussions at IGF 2020 into action

For the first time, the IGF is encouraging participants, particularly session panelists, to make voluntary commitments to implement and champion policy recommendations and recommended ways forward discussed during sessions.

Are you a session organiser?

IGF has produced guidelines and information just for you.

Networking slots available for more informal discussions

There are some remaining networking slots available to book and self-organise for activities such as Birds of a Feather, Town Halls and regional get-togethers.

IGF News

Wondering who the IGF 2021 incoming MAG members will be?

Stay tuned during IGF 2020 for an announcement!

Discussions about strengthening the IGF

The archived video of all the online discussions held as part of the MAG Chairs initiative in September and October are now available from the MAG Chair’s page, under Online discussions convened by the MAG chair pre-IGF2020.

Intersessional Activities

The draft outputs of the Best Practice Forums (BPFs) are now available for feedback:

BPF Cybersecurity

Exploring Best Practices in Relation to International Cybersecurity Agreements

BPF Data and New Technologies

A dialogue on how users’ data is collected analyzed and used, and best practices to ensure that this data is used to bering benefit and not to harm users

BPF Gender

Gender at the Internet Governance Forum

BPF Local Content

Local and indigenous content in the digital space: Protection, preservation and sustainability of creative work and traditional knowledge

All four of the BPFs will hold sessions to discuss their work at IGF 2020.

Of the 23 active Dynamic Coalitions (DCs), 18 will hold sessions at IGF 2020, and one other will be launched as part of an Open Forum. The DCs will also jointly hold one of the main sessions.

There will be 7 collaborative sessions jointly developed and held by the National, Regional, Sub-regional and Youth IGF initiatives (NRIs).

For Your Action!

Key dates and deadlines

2 November, 6:00 UTC

IGF 2020 Phase 1 begins!

9 November, 6:00 UTC

IGF 2020 Phase 2 begins!

17 November, 19:20 UTC

IGF 2020 final session ends

25 November, 14:00-16:00 UTC

IGF 2020 Open Mic and Feedback Session

See also: Full IGF calendar

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