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Newsletter Volume 1 No. 2, June 2020 (Part 1)

In this newsletter:

  • Preparations for IGF 2020
  • Intersessional Activities
  • National, Regional and Youth IGF Initiatives (NRIs)
  • For Your Action!

Preparations for IGF 2020

Important Update:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fifteenth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) will be held online. The IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) together with the IGF Secretariat and UN DESA have begun preparations and consultations on how best to carry out this virtual IGF annual meeting. We will keep you updated on the progress. The Government of Poland will now host the IGF 2021 Annual Meeting in Katowice in the 4th quarter of next year and the Governments of Ethiopia and Japan will be hosting the IGF annual meetings in 2022 and 2023, respectively, pending organizational arrangement.

The Second Open Consultations and MAG Meetings are being held online this week, 15-19 June.

  • A number of changes are being made to the format of the meetings, to better cater for the fully online nature of the event.
  • The meetings will also discuss what changes may need to be made to the format of IGF 2020 now that it will be held online, making it vital for you as a stakeholder to join the meetings and have your say.
  • To participate, you can register at any time during the meetings.

Part 2 of the June newsletter will report on the outcomes of the Second Open Consultations and MAG Meetings.

MAG activities

The MAG has concluded the initial round of evaluation of the 237 workshop proposals received by the deadline:

  • Four workshop evaluation groups, each one taking one of the main themes (Inclusion, Environment, Data and Trust), met every second week.
  • The Working Group on Workshop Process (WG-WSP) has developed a new set of guidelines for MAG members.

In addition to WG-WSP, there are three other MAG working groups active this year.

For more information on the MAG, see the MAG section of the IGF website.

Intersessional Activities

Best Practice Forums (BPFs)

The BPF on Gender and Access has held two online meetings in the past month. A summary report is available for the meeting held on 28 May.

The BPF on Local Content has launched a short initial survey to help guide its work. The deadline for completing the survey is 24 June.

National, Regional and Youth IGF Initiatives (NRIs)

A summary report of the 20 May meeting of the NRIs’ collaborative preparatory process for IGF 2020 is available.

For Your Action!

Consider hosting or participating in a remote hub.

Know of people who could make a great contribution to IGF 2020? Let the IGF Secretariat know.


Key dates and deadlines

15-19 Jun

Second Open Consultations and MAG Meetings

Week of 20 June

NRIs Meeting V

24 June

Deadline for completing Initial Survey by the Best Practice Forum on Local Content

25 June, 15.00 UTC

BPF on Data and New Technologies in an Internet Context - Virtual meeting V

20 September

Deadline: remote hubs registration

October Training sessions for remote hub organizers

SSee also::Full IGF calendar


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