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2016 Dynamic Coalition Papers & Surveys


Ahead of the DCs Main Session at IGF 2016, participating coalitions submitted substantive papers in accordance with the general guidelines provided here.

Each paper is linked below. 


Results of Online DC Issue Surveys

Dynamic coalitions solicited feedback on their work through publicly available 'DC issue surveys'. These were accessible on a survey platform on the IGF's website until 9 January 2017.

The following are the compiled results for each participating dynamic coalition.

- DC on Accessibility and Disability

- DC on Blockchain Technologies

- DC on Child Online Safety

- DC on Community Connectivity

- DC on Core Internet Values

- DC on Gender and Internet Governance

- DC on Innovative Approaches to Connecting the Unconnected 

- DC on Internet and Climate Change

- DC on the Internet of Things

- DC on Network Neutrality 

- DC on Public Access in Libraries

- Internet Rights and Principles Coalition 




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