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DC Coordination Activities


The Dynamic Coalition Coordination Group (DCCG)

Each DC is encouraged to volunteer one or two of its members to join the DCCG and its regular monthly meetings. DCCG meetings are open and all DC members are invited to attend.

To be a part of coordination activities, please subscribe to the DC mailing list. All news about upcoming meetings and coordination work will be available on the list, including details on how to participate. 

The DCCG is guided by Terms of Reference, available here

Coordination meetings are facilitated by Avri Doria and Markus Kummer. For further information, please contact the IGF Secretariat at [email protected].


DCs 'Briefing Document' 2017

At the request of the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), in April-May 2017, DCs contributed to the drafting of a broad briefing document to inform the MAG - and in particular newcomers to the MAG/IGF - on what DCs are and what the status of their collective work is in 2017. The document is available here. 


DC Mailing List Guidelines

Following thorough consultations within and among DCs, in October 2017 coalitions agreed to a common set of guidelines for managing their individual mailing lists. In particular, the guidelines outline steps to be taken both for the list administrator and member in cases of questionable mailing list conduct. 


IGF 2017 Main Session Planning

Reference Documents

IGF 2017 Main Session Template

Timeline and Guidelines for DC Outputs

IGF 2017 Main Session Proposal 

Archive of IGF 2016 Main Session Planning


DC Coordination ('DCCG') Meetings

These meetings have been held regularly since the 10th IGF in Brazil, approximately one month apart. 

For comments on the summaries below, or any inaccuracies detected, kindly send an email to [email protected].

DC Coordination Meeting XX (4 September 2017)

DC Coordination Meeting XIX (11 July 2017) 

DC Coordination Meeting XVIII (29 May 2017)

DC Coordination Meeting XVII (2 May 2017)

DC Coordination Meeting XVI (6 April 2017)

DC Coordination Meeting XV (22 February 2017)

DC Coordination Meeting XIV (18 January 2017)

DC Coordination Meeting XIII (8 December 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting XII (24 October 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting XI (10 October 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting X (31 August 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting IX (4 August 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting VIII (16 June 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting VII (24 May 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting VI (25 April 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting V (6 April 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting IV (15 March 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting III (10 February 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting II (15 January 2016)

DC Coordination Meeting I (25 November 2015)





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