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Eastern European Regional Group

 Current record of the existing national IGFs in Eastern European regional group:

National IGFs in Eastern European Regional Group

Name About Annual Meeting Information Annual Meeting Report
Albania IGF

Albania IGF was established in 2017.

Its objective is to create an Internet governance discussion platform for all stakeholder groups of this respective country.

29 March 2018,
Tirana, Albania
Armenia IGF

Armenia IGF was established in 2015.

The main goal of this Initiative is to provide an open and transparent platform for all stakeholder groups to bring up and discuss the Internet governance related issues.

10 October 2018,
Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia IGF Annual 2017 Report

Armenia IGF Annual 2016 Report 

Azerbaijan IGF TBA TBA  
Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF

Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF was launched in 2015 year.

It is a multistakeholder platform for discussing Internet governance related issues from the perspective of their respective community.

5 November 2018,

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF Annual 2017 Report


Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF Annual 2016 Report|

Belarus IGF

Belarus IGF was organized in 2016 year. 

Its main objective is to bring different stakeholder groups from Belarus to discuss relevant Internet governance issues.

3 October 2018,
Minsk, Belarus 

Belarus IGF Annual 2017 Report

Belarus IGF Annual 2016 Report 

Croatia IGF

Croatia IGF was established in 2015 year. 

It aims at creating an environment for open discussions and thinking in the Republic of Croatia on important issues concerning the future of Internet.

25 October 2018,
Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia IGF Annual 2017 Report

Croatia IGF Annual 2016 Report

Estonia IGF

National IGF of Estonia was organized in 2017 year.

Its mission is to create a unique ground for all stakeholders from this respective community to discuss the relevant Internet Governance related issues. 

N/A 2018

Georgia IGF

National IGF of Georgia was organized in 2016.

Its main objective is to support participation of all stakeholders in Internet governance related discussion, as defined in the Charter of the Forum.

11 December 2018,

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia IGF Annual 2017 Report

Georgia IGF Annual 2016 Report

Macedonia IGF (FYROM) 

The national IGF of the FYRO Macedonia, was established in 2017.

As per its Declaration, It is an open, inclusive and informal space for dialogue on Internet governance issues between all stakeholders.

31 October 2018,
Skopje, FYR Macedonia
Moldova IGF

Moldova national IGF was established in 2016. 

Its main goal is to create a unique platform for all stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to the Internet, and of relevance for this respectful community.

N/A 2018  
Poland IGF

National IGF of Poland was established in 2016.

This IGF stands as an opportunity for the community to discuss in an open and unrestrained atmosphere about the most important issues related to the functioning of the Internet in Poland and beyond. 

13 December 2018,
Warsaw, Poland

Poland IGF Annual 2017 Report
Russia IGF

National IGF of Russia is created in 2010 year.

The Forum is devoted to answering the question related to a possible global consensus in the field of Internet governance.


6 April 2018,
St.Petersburg, Russia



Slovenia IGF

Slovenia national IGF was organized in 2016 year.

Its goal is to gather different stakeholder groups in Slovenia, to discuss relevant Internet governance issues and seek for potential solutions.

23 October 2018,
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia IGF Annual 2016 Report
Ukraine IGF

National IGF of Ukraine was created in 2010 year.

The purpose of this Forum is to discuss the most critical issues of the information society development in Ukraine. 

   28 September 2018,
Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine IGF Annual 2016 Report


Ukraine IGF Annual 2017 Report

Note: The above information are being published as received.

In case you would like to organize a national IGF, or to engage in any of the existing ones, please contact the IGF Secretariat at: agengo[at]unog[dot]ch.

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