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FORMAT #1: Break-out Group Discussions


Break-out group discussions involve several separate, smaller conversations that take place during the same time. The discussion topic is introduced at the beginning of the session to all participants in the room, usually by a moderator or subject matter expert. The participants then break out into small groups and discuss this topic or aspects of this topic. Experts or moderators can be “assigned” to each group to clarify specific issues if needed or to keep the conversation flowing. At the end of the session, the groups come back together and can summarize their discussions for everyone, or moderators/experts can share results and conclude with suggestions for possible next steps.


· 90 mins; or
· 60 mins

Optimal Layout:

· Room with enough chairs and space for splitting out into several groups (6-10 max per group);
· Several roaming microphones for group reporters;
· Printouts/collaborative online platforms (e.g. a wiki) for notetaking;

Note on Diversity Criteria: The speakers and discussion leaders who are involved in both the organization and the running of the session should be diverse.

Example: WS 37 Internet Fragmentation – Getting next 4billion online [Description; Video, Transcript & Report]



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