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FORMAT #5: Flash Session


In the flash session format, an individual/organsation can inform the community about the work they have done on an Internet policy issue, or project, or propose a project and invite collaboration with the community. Flash sessions are shorter in duration than other formats (30 minutes). The use of audio/visual materials is strongly encouraged. This format is not suggested for discussion, but for presentation.


· 30 mins

Optimal Layout:

· A podium/table for the presenter;
· Chairs for attendees;
· Online participation station (for remote viewing of the flash session).

Note on Diversity Criteria: The diversity requirement does not apply to flash sessions on an individual basis, because they are presentations. However, the MAG will work to ensure that there is diversity amongst flash session proposers.
Example: WS 169 Regional Participation in Brazil: Growing Initiatives [Description; Video, Transcript & Report]


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