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FORMAT #6: Panel


The panel format is suggested for sessions where a diversity of experts explore an emerging Internet policy issue, including the technical or legal features of an issue. Panels are also an effective way to compare and contrast the various positions of several main actors. In the panel format, several speakers or subject matter experts provide opening remarks on a question and then address questions from the moderator. Small panels (a maximum of 5 speakers) are preferred to increase audience participation. Time should be allowed for questions/comments from the audience. . 


· 60 mins; or
· 90 mins

Optimal Layout:

· Panel table with speakers;
· If speakers are participating remotely, the use of video/audio conferencing;
· Several roaming microphones to capture audience questions/comments;
· Online participation station.

Note on Diversity Criteria: Panels should adhere to the diversity requirement to the fullest extent possible in light of the discussion topic. For example, if the panel is exploring perspectives on a regional basis, geographical diversity should focus on including different speakers from different countries within the region. Gender, stakeholder group, age, and policy perspective should also apply.

Example: WS 6 Can law enforcement catch bad actors online anymore? [Description; Video, Transcript & Report]


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