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IGF 2019 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

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IGF 2019 First Open Consultations

and Multistakeholder Advisory Meeting (MAG)

28-30 January 2019

UN Office at Geneva (UNOG), Room XVI



Day 1: 28 January 2019 - Open Consultations­­­


Agenda Item

10:00 - 11:00

1. Opening statements and adoption of the agenda

  1. Message from UNDESA


  1. Welcome by MAG Chair


  1. Welcome by MAG Host country Co-chair 2018 and 2019


  1. Presentation/Briefing by 2018 Host Country

11:00 - 12:45


2. Taking stock of IGF 2018 (while setting expectations for 2019)

  1. Strategic discussion on high-level statements from IGF2018 and collaboration with other organizations


  1. Secretariat’s summary of the inputs received to the stocktaking process concerning the programme and schedule; high-level statements by Secretary-General Guterres and President Macron

12:45 - 13:00

3. Update on IGF Trust Fund

13:00 - 15:00


 IGF Donors Meeting, 13:30-14:30, Room IV

15:00 - 17:00


(Continuation of morning session: 2. Taking stock)

c.   Comments on IGF Intersessional activities (BPFs, DCs, CENB, etc.)


d.   Discussion re: NRI engagements and IGF

17:00 - 18:00

4. Updates from related Internet Governance initiatives and processes, followed by open discussion on possible IGF 2019 activities/collaboration


Day 2: 29 January 2019 - MAG Meeting - Strategic Discussion (open to observers) 


Agenda Item

10:00 - 12:00

1. Opening statements

2. Presentation by IGF 2019 Host Country

3. Taking stock of IGF 2018 (while setting expectations for 2019) – IGF logistics & programme

  1. Secretariat’s summary of the inputs received to the stocktaking process


  1. Comments on logistics of IGF 2018, lessons learned and suggestions for improvement


  1. Comments on programme (main theme, sub-themes), structure (session types, including new and innovative session types, schedule)

12:00 - 13:00

4. Discussion on strategic imperatives for the IGF (cont’d after break)

13:00 - 15:00


Info Session on new Dynamic Coalition on DNS Issues (DC-DNSI), 13:45-14:45, Room XVI

15:00 - 16:00

4. Discussion on strategic imperatives for the IGF (cont’d)


16:00 - 18:00

5. Implications/Actions across IGF ecosystem


Day 3: 30 January 2019 - MAG Meeting (open to observers)


Agenda Item

10:00 - 13:00

6. Possible approaches/general outline of overall IGF 2019 preparatory process. Shaping the programme of IGF 2019 by discussing:

  1. Results of public call for issues;


  1. Discussion on major policy questions, main theme/sub-themes if appropriate, possible ‘tracks’;


  1. Workshops and open forums, including number of sessions;


  1. Main sessions and main session guidelines;


  1. Selection criteria/timetable and mechanisms for workshops, open forums and main sessions;

13:00 - 15:00


 NRIs Meeting, 13:30-14:50, Room XVI

15:00 - 16:00

(Continuation of morning session: 6. Shaping the programme)   

f.   Best Practice Forum (BPF), Dynamic Coalition (DC), National and Regional Initiative (NRI), Major Policy Programme: Connecting and Enabling Next Billion(s) (CENB) or new Programme, etc.;


g.   Ways to integrate intersessional work and outputs;


h.   Day 0 ‘pre-events’;


i.    Overall programme structure;

16:00 - 18:00


7. Discussion on 2019 IGF intersessional activities & NRIs

  1. Types of activities (BPFs, DCs, CENB, etc.) and outputs review


  1. National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs)


  1. Strategies for collaboration and complementarity across intersessional work

8. Any Other Business


Onsite Participants

Stakeholder Group: Government
Nombre Apellido(s) Delegationsort descending
Nebojsa Regoje Bosnia and Herzegovina
Samuel Ndicho Bambo Cameroon
Paul Kenneth Charlton Canada
Chrystiane Roy Canada
Glavor Nataša Croatia
Christine Arida Egypt
Heiki Sibul Estonia
Daniela Broenstrup Germany
Rudolf Gridl Germany
Peter Major Hungary
Concettina Cassa Cassa Italy
Alejandro Alba Mexico
Magali Esquinca GuzmÁn Mexico
Ananda Khanal Nepal
Arnold Van Rhijn Netherlands
Miguel Candia Ibarra Paraguay
Krzysztof Szubert Poland
Charlotte Simões Charlotte Simões Portugal
Roman Chukov Russian Federation
Alaa Abdalla Mahamoud Ali Sudan
Jorge Cancio Switzerland
Thomas Schneider Switzerland
Livia Walpen Switzerland
Mark Carvell United Kingdom
Susan Chalmers United States
Michael Ilishebo Zambia
Stakeholder Group: Private Sector
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizaciónsort descending
Paul Rowney AfICTA
Melinda Clem Afilias
Wim Degezelle Consultant
Mamadou Lo Credit Agricole Bank Senegal
Wouterus De Natris De Natris Consult
Jennifer Chung DotAsia Organisation
June Parris Halaqah Media
Timea Suto ICC BASIS
Rajesh Chharia Internet Service Providers Association of India
Kenta Mochizuki Mercari, Inc.
Benjamin Wallis Microsoft
James Prendergast The Galway Strategy Group
Nikolis Smith Verisign
Dennis Tan VeriSign
Elena Perotti WAN-IFRA
Mary Rose Rontal Womenpowered Digital
Stakeholder Group: Intergovernmental Organization
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizaciónsort descending
Koffi Fabrice Djossou African Union Commission
Beat Häring EuroDIG Support Association
Valentina Scialpi European Commission
Jiayi Wang IGF Secretariat
Rajendra Banepali United Nations Information Centre
Charlotte Spencer WIPO
Paolo Lanteri WIPO
Victor Owade WIPO
Stakeholder Group: Technical Community
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizaciónsort descending
Silvia Cadena APNIC Foundation
Peter Koch DENIC eG
Vera Major ICANN
Veni Markovski ICANN
Laurent Ferrali ICANN
Nigel Hickson Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
Israel Rosas Internet Society
Raquel Gatto Internet Society
Lucien Castex Internet Society France
Afi Edoh MAG Member
Mary Uduma Nigeria Internet Governace Forum
Christopher Buckridge RIPE NCC
Lynn St.amour UN IGF MAG Chair & CEO Internet Matters
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizaciónsort descending
Yu Chen Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Xiaofeng Tao Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Maria Paz Canales Loebel Derechos Digitales
Sandra Hoferichter EuroDIG
Adama Jallow Give1 Project Gambia
Juliana Harsianti Global Voices
Carlos Alberto Afonso Instituto Nupef
Lianna Galstyan ISOC Armenia
Norbert Bollow Just Net Coalition
Antoine Vergne Missions Publiques
Chenai Chair Research ICT Africa
Sorina Teleanu SEEDIG
Jutta Croll Stiftung Digitale Chancen
Stakeholder Group: Press/Media
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizaciónsort descending
Giacomo Mazzone EBU-UER

Online Participants

Stakeholder Group: Government
Nombre Apellido(s) Delegationsort descending
Ricardo Perez Argentina
Livia Walpen Switzerland
Lydienne Nathalie NTOGUE Cameroon
Samuel NDICHO BAMBO Cameroon
Theodor Beutel Germany
Luis Soria Ecuador
Concettina Cassa Italy
R D Asanka Wishwanath Ariyapala Sri Lanka
Arnold van Rhijn Netherlands
Ananda Raj Khanal Nepal
Benjz Gerard Sevilla Philippines
Krzysztof Szubert Poland
Francisco Casaccia Paraguay
alaa ali Sudan
Susan Chalmers United States
María Alejandra Erramuspe Uruguay
Frans van Aardt South Africa
Tichafa Rixon Mujuru Zimbabwe
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizationsort descending
Peter Taiwo Akinremi African Civil Society for Information Society (ACSIS)
Syuzan Marukhyan ARISC/UFSD
Anriette Esterhuysen Association for Progressive Communications
Mehar Gujral Association for Progressive Communications
Mohammad Abdul Haque Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum
Amrita Choudhury CCAOI
Bruna Santos Coding Rights
Julián Casasbuenas G. Colnodo
Ndum vianney Forewah Community Participation in Sustainable Development (COMPSUDEV) Cameroon
Xiaobo Yang CyberSecurity Association of China
Qiaoyi Fang Duke university
David NG eHelp Association
Monika Ermert eLance journalist
Sandra Hoferichter EuroDIG
Mariia Avdieieva European Expert Association
BAUDOUIN SCHOMBE Forum National sur la Gouvernance de l'Internet
Adam Burns free2air / netCommons
Chimi Wangmo Gyalpozhing College of Information Technology
Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong HOUSE OF AFRICA
Niklas Sievers Humboldt University Berlin / WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Artur Serra i2cat Foundation
Phillips Dustin ICANNWiki
Bakhit Amine Adoum IGF Chad
Nanghaka Daniel Khauka ILICIT Africa
Diólia Graziano Independent Researcher
MD HABIBULLAH Habib Individual Consultancy
Carlos Alberto Afonso Instituto Nupef
Farzaneh Badii Internet Governance Project
Sivasubramanian Muthusamy Internet Society India Chennai
Grigori Saghyan Internet Society NGO (ISOC Armenia)
Ethan Sweet Internet Society [email protected]
Chibuzor Njoku Chibuzor Njoku INTERNET SOCIETY [email protected]
Lianna Galstyan ISOC Armenia
Paul Rowney ISOC Namibia
Michelle Ribeiro e Silva Kings College London
Margaret Warthon KU Leuven
Helani Galpaya LIRNEasia
mariann unterluggauer netaffair
Jeremy Malcolm Prostasia Foundation
Shreedeep Rayamajhi RayZnews
Chenai Chair Research ICT Africa
Chris Prince Udochukwu Njoku RICTHE Africa (Researchers on ICTs in Education in Africa)
Arsene Tungali Rudi International
Joyce Claudia Choo SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia)
Garland McCoy Technology Education Institute
Agita Pasaribu UN-Youth IGF Indonesia
Stakeholder Group: Private Sector
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizationsort descending
Kayode Oyeyemi AfICTA-Africa ICT Alliance
Melinda Clem Afilias
Desiree Miloshevic Afilias plc
Andrés Sastre ASIET
Pablo Bello ASIET
Berry Cobb BAC in Black Consulting
Susan Mohr CenturyLink
Michael Nelson Cloudflare
John Poole
Timea Suto ICC BASIS
Marilyn Cade ICT Strategies - mCADE llc
Vincenzo Puliatti ITSYN Srl
Rahul Dev M JSS Law College
Peace Adeleye Kenna Partners
Kenta Mochizuki Mercari, Inc.
Ben Wallis Microsoft
Roberto Gaetano Public Interest Registry
Christoph Steck Telefónica
Jim Prendergast The Galway Strategy Group
Vicente Calag UP Mindanao
Yong Liu Vivedu
Mary Rose Ofianga Womenpowered Digital
Stakeholder Group: Intergovernmental Organizations
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizationsort descending
Wisdom Kwasi Donkor Africa Open Data and Internet Research Foundation
Makane Faye African Union
Anja Gengo IGF
Luis Bobo IGF Secretariat
WaiMin Kwok UN DESA
Banepali Rajendra United Nations Information Centre
Mirna El Hajj Barbar United Nations-ESCWA
Stakeholder Group: Technical Community
Nombre Apellido(s) Organizationsort descending
YU CHEN Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Christopher H Adams Christopher H Adams C Henry Adams
Flavio Wagner
Tian Luo China IGF
Hosein Badran Consultant
BIRARDA CARINA CSIRT Centro de Ciberseguridad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires Argentina
Jennifer Chung DotAsia Organisation
Edmon Chung DotAsia Organisation
Afi Edoh E-hub and Afrotribune
Diana Gómez Federal Telecommunications Institute
James Berriman Hillside (Technology) Limited
Veni Markovski ICANN
Oluwaseun Sanjo Ajani INTERNET SOCIETY [email protected]
Bhavin Faldu ISOC
Nizar Mohamed Nazar Lanka Software Foundation
Samantha Dickinson Lingua Synaptica
Diego Canabarro /
Mary Uduma Nigeria Internet Governace Forum
Akter Umma Tamzida Race Online Ltd
Alexander Isavnin RosKomSvoboda
Marco Ortega Senplades
Abdulkarim Oloyede University of Ilorin
Omo Oaiya WACREN

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