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About hybrid format

The 16th annual IGF will be hosted in a hybrid format. The meeting will aim at accommodating the participation of stakeholders present onsite in Katowice or participating online, in the same way as much as possible. This hybrid approach also extends to the session organizing teams (organizers, speakers, moderators and rapporteurs) who will participate  online or onsite.

Therefore, all stakeholders wishing to submit a session proposal can do so regardless of whether they or their session-engaged parties will participate onsite or online (or a combination of both). The deadline for submissions is 26 May, 23:59 UTC.

(i) Session teams participating fully online
If a session’s organizing team participates only online (includes online speakers, moderators, rapporteurs and other involved resource parties), the session would still be assigned a meeting room at the 16th IGF in Katowice. The onsite participants may choose to join the session from the meeting room or some other space they feel comfortable in, through the meeting’s platform. The meeting room would contain the necessary technical equipment, such as a screen on which the session online layout would be projected, and a microphone to enable onsite participants to contribute to the discussions (via the online platform).

All participants, onsite or online, would need to request the floor to speak through the IGF online floor request system.

(ii) Session teams with mixed online and onsite presence
If the session will have a mixed component, with some participants joining online and some onsite, the room moderator(s) will act as a bridge between two groups of participants and ensure the interactivity and equal ways of participation for both groups.

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

  • I don’t know yet if I will be able to travel to Katowice. Can I still apply for a session?
    Yes, absolutely! Regardless of whether you will take part online or onsite, you can still submit a proposal and organize a session. 
  • Some of my speakers won’t be able to travel to Katowice. Can they still participate?
    Yes, absolutely! Speakers can take part online or onsite.
  • None of my speakers or moderators will be able to travel to Katowice. Can we still submit a proposal and participate online?
    Yes, absolutely! It is possible to submit proposals for sessions in which all involved parties join fully online, including speakers, moderators, rapporteurs and other resources the session will benefit from. 
  • If the session has only online speakers, do I still need to provide an onsite moderator?
    No, there is no need to provide an onsite moderator. The assigned meeting room in Katowice from which participants can connect to the online session will have a member of the technical support team who will provide information on how to contribute to the discussions.  

Contact Information

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