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BPF Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The 2019 edition of the Best Practice Forum on IoT, Big Data and AI will focus on trust in these concepts and their utilization for addressing identified societal challenges. 
Within the IGF’s remit, the BPF intends to continue to limit its scope to the growing area where IoT, Big Data and AI meet in an Internet context. Building on this BPF’s 2018 work as a starting point, the BPF proposes for 2019 to:

  • Challenge and review the identified best practices and complete the report with concrete and practical examples. (e.g. in the field of healthcare, environmental protection, e-commerce, public safety, cybersecurity, and infrastructure;
  • Identify existing and new ways to enhance trust in IoT, Big Data, AI applications and technologies in an Internet context;
  • Identify how AI can affect outcomes both in terms of social justice and in terms of the allocation of societal resources;
  • Identify how AI can complement or pose challenges to privacy and data protection as well as transparency and good governance;
  • Identify how IoT, Big Data, AI can contribute to achieving the UN SDGs and 
  • Identify the impact on policies and regulations, including policy making processes of the application of IoT, Big Data, AI applications.

Preparatory Process

Meetings Summaries and Announcements:

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