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BPF Local Content (2017)


The BPF on Local Content was part of the IGF intersessional work programme leading into the 2017 IGF Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on 18-21 December 2017.


BPF Output Document


Content Summary

Despite the rapid growth of the Internet and the considerable improvement of access in developing and remote areas, Internet uptake seems not to evolve at the same speed and keeps lagging behind in some regions. Access and cost are only two of three factors affecting Internet growth. The third one is the availability of locally relevant content and services. Having the possibility to access the Internet is, by itself, not a sufficient motivation to go online. People start using the Internet because they expect and experience that the Internet is useful and interesting for them.

For the local Internet, and in extension a local digital economy, to develop the content and services accessible and provided over the Internet must be relevant for the local Internet user. Content must be in a language that is understood by the local population, and deal with matter of local interest. Local content creators are best placed to understand what is relevant for their own community and local entrepreneurs well placed to target the local market with online services.

The BPF discussed what factors contribute to the creation of an enabling environment that facilitates, encourages and stimulates the development of locally relevant online content and services; and explored opportunities for stakeholders initiative and action.

Via a public call for input, the BPF collected a variety of examples of successful projects and initiatives to stimulate the creation of local content. The experiences and lessons learned about what worked well, what were obstacles and challenges, are intended to inspire policy decision makers and other stakeholders.


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BPF on Local Content - Final Output

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