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IGF 2019 Registration

Onsite participants will be able to register at the venue in Berlin with their valid official Passport / ID document issued by a UN member state, from 22 to 24 November (08.00h-18.00h) and from 25 to 29 November (07.30-18.00h)NOTE: Participants registering onsite can create an account at this UN Accreditation System beforehand (if not owning one yet). Technical support is available in case of issues with this process.

Registration for Press accredited staff covering the event remains open.

Registration to attend online will be kept open through this FORM continuously until the end of the event.

Registration for Remote Hubs was open until 25 October. The list of Remote Hubs is available.

Note: Every intended participant to the IGF 2019 (and including organizers, speakers, moderators and press) must register. It is possible to be registered simultaneously for several types of participation.

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