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  1. IGF 2019 – Day 2 – Estrel Saal C – NRIs Collaborative Session On Harmful Content

    ... Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  Our session is NRI collaborative session on harmful content.  It is the security ‑‑ ... content.  Just a minute, please.  Toire. NRI collaborative session on harmful content on the Internet.  We have a ...

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  2. IGF 2019 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Agenda

    ... s, DCs,  CENB , etc.)   d.   Discussion re: NRI engagements and IGF 17:00 - 18:00 4. Updates ... Coalition ( DC ), National and Regional Initiative (NRI), Major Policy Programme: Connecting and Enabling Next Billion(s) (CENB) or ...


  3. IGF 2019 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3

    ... the Best Practice Forum, dynamic coalitions, probably the NRI discussions further up in the program.  So we will be moving that up to ... -- we heard that would be really helpful to a lot of the NRI efforts, if they actually understood generally what a couple of the main ...

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  4. Virtual Meeting XI, 27 October 2016

    ... Secure, Resilient and Trusted Internet from the NRI Perspectives 10 minutes Open Mike section for the on-site ... here and send a Call after this Report is submitted to the NRI.s   Other updates from the NRIs and the IGF Secretariat ...


  5. NRIs Virtual Meeting XIV 13 Nov 2017

    ... rights in the digital world, from the perspective of your NRI ? 5) What are the recommendations/advises from your NRIs in approaching ... 14. A consensus was achieved that words ‘from your NRI perspectives’ should be added to the 3rd question. 15. From the ...


  6. IGF 2017 - Day 4 - Room XXIV - IGF Youth Initiatives

    ... the independently organized and those integrated in the NRI , so we can put them aside as a separate, fourth model and reflect it.  ... is a basic understanding of how people can organized the NRI.  I think on the other hand, bring some ideas on how they can actually ...

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  7. IGF 2019 NRIs Main Session: Emerging technologies and their interfaces with inclusion, security and human ‎rights

    ... the overall discussion; To showcase the diversity among NRI discussions in different countries and regions across the world, existing ... cycle, the NRIs will continue building a firmer sense of the NRI community Format, Chair, Moderator and Rapporteur information under ...


  8. Belarus IGF

    ... Face-to-face Category:  NRI Meeting More information about the 2018 annual meeting of the ...

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  9. UK IGF

    ... Face-to-face Category:  NRI Meeting National UK IGF is hosted in London. For more ...

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  10. Haiti IGF 2019

    ... Face-to-face Category:  NRI Meeting The Haiti IGF will be hosted in Alpha Haiti, ...

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