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  1. MAG meeting - 2013 - Afternoon

    ... rights, in addition to what Markus said -- I was in the CSTD working group -- last year in the human rights council of the United ... >>BAHER ESMAT: Thank you, Markus.  I remember when the CSTD working group on IGF improvements, you know, we had long discussion on how ...


  2. Transcript Afternoon of September 16

    ... his follow-up and the implementation that will go to the CSTD .  I think it's usually out in March or so, to be in time for the May ...


  3. 2015 11 10 Setting the Scene Workshop Room 10 FINISHED

    ... a great debt of gratitude as Chair of the United Nations CSTD he has helped shepherd the importance in multi‑ lateral institutions ... you Ambassador.  I'm not going to talk in detail about the CSTD.  I just want to since this is a Setting the Scene session and I think ...


  4. 2015 11 10 WSIS+10 Consultations Main Meeting Hall FINISHED

    ... it is that ‑‑ the references made on the work of the CSTD in terms of the working groups in improvements to the IGF and enhanced cooperation, paragraph 54 says that we call on the CSTD within its current reporting to give due consideration to fulfillment of ...


  5. IGF 2015 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting 22 May

    ... I'm in support of, I would suggest also including the CSTD mapping in this process as well, based on discussions with Peter Major. ... to say something very quickly.  I do support inviting the CSTD secretariat to join to present the mapping, and it would be the ...

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  6. FINISHED - 2014 09 05 - Main Session - Taking Stock / Emerging Issues - Main Hall

    ... from the participants in the system, such as UNESCO, CSTD , ITU .  The second we also included international organisations like ... the continuation of the IGF.   For the first time CSTD held an open forum and they were part of the session.  So it was also an ...


  7. IGF 2017 - Day 2 - Room XXVII - IGFSA Annual General Assembly

    ... I have the privilege of being also a past member of the CSTD Working Group on Improvements to the IGF. I'd be happy to see this ...

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  8. IGF Retreat FAQs

    ... the retreat, as appropriate, along with reports from the CSTD WG on Improvements to the IGF, the outcome document of the General ...


  9. IGF MAG Meeting, Afternoon session

    ... any problems, we'll -- yeah, during that -- Yeah, before CSTD , during that week. >>ALICE MUNYUA:   Theresa. >>THERESA ... some merit and productivity. Finally, I am heading to the CSTD working group starting tomorrow, and we would like to bring sort of the ...


  10. FINISHED - 2014 09 05 - Open microphone session - Anadolu Auditorium

    ... Development, STD.  And I would like to remind that the CSTD is conducting a ten‑year review of the implementation of the WSIS ... experiences of WSIS implementation.  And please look at the CSTD website for more information.  The deadline for submitting inputs is ...



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