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  1. IGF 2020 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - IV

    ... the wider network range.        So to improve also digital outlets and marketing on social media outlets to increase visibility of ... Focus on future of jobs, data utilization, digital economy, cybersecurity, digital rights, and content regulation.  The ...

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  2. FINISHED - 2014 09 05 - WS21 - Intermediaries' role and good practice in protecting FOE - Room 1

    ... of the network and she's also director of the ranking digital rights project. Next to her is Allon Bar, and he works for the ... can find online called Greece go the wheels of the Internet economy and it looked at the concept of E friction.  Basically looking at, I ...


  3. 1 - 31 March, 2009 (Part 2)

    ... infrastructure was seen as part of kick-starting the economy. While some of the access issues, such as IXPs, might be best dealt ... to face meetings and remote participation; Digital literary and technologies: Bridging the literacy gap and develop better ...


  4. 2015 11 13 WS 80 Bottom-up Meets Top-down: When Governance Systems Intersect Workshop Room 4 FINISHED

    ... much more interested because they realize the power of the Digital Economy and the impact on communication for citizens, democracy, access to ...


  5. Governance of Social Media

    ... as you know, this is something that the French minister for digital economy is pushing.  She announced yesterday in bilateral meetings and in the ...


  6. IGF 2018 - Day 1 - Salle VI - WS408 DNS Enhancements and Alternatives for the Future Internet

    ... Blockchain decentralized distributed and public digital ledger.  It can not be altered.  Without alteration of all subsequent ... with the blockchain? The problem is the global economy worldwide.  If you change the DNS to a blockchain governance system, ...

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  7. Hyderabad Provisional List of Participants

    ... Ms. Sabine Dolderer Denic Mr. Osama Manzar Digital Empowerment Foundation Mr. Emmanuel Neisa Digital ... Mr. Michel Walrave Internet Observatory Ministery of Economy, belgium Mr. Rajesh Chharia Internet Service Providers ...


  8. IGF Planning Meeting Transcript 10.05.10 (Day 1)

    ... and ensuring equality of -- innovation and knowledge economy.  It's a bit of a mixed bag of themes, and it's a challenge in some ... that are quite interesting there is the one, 114, on digital inclusion, which I think from a developed country perspective makes ...


  9. IGF 2020 - Day 5 - DC Accessibility - Closing the Gap

    ... especially during this crazy COVID times where all of the digital transformation process was kind of pushed a lot faster. So, ... is working from home, that is participating in the digital economy, and that is supported by the different regulations to be incorporated ...

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  10. IGF 2021 parliamentary track | Online session - The Internet governance ecosystem

    ... to build IXPs.  They're very good for your Internet economy.  Besides, you have a concentration point where content providers ... try and talk to them.  They will tend to be from a -- the digital ministry or ministry that's responsible for digital in your country. ...

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