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  1. Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values

    ... which certainly are based on such core values as open as digital inclusion, equality, diversity, sustainability, participation and so ... I mean artists because I think the next step of the economy is going to be all arts.  I don't think the leading countries of the ...


  2. FINISHED - 2014 09 05 - Open microphone session - Anadolu Auditorium

    ... from the present countries to join our common activities for digital citizens all over the world, in Europe, but also worldwide.  Thank ... these are issues that affect the current status of the economy. Sadly most of us are not aware of this.  We must also cultivate ...


  3. FINISHED - 2014 09 04 - WS91 - Launch of an African Declaration on Internet Rights & Freedoms - Room 7

    ... to each regional context.  The second step is to combat the digital divide and to make sure that Internet becomes a driver and enabler for ... extend this also a little bit more in to the political economy terms when one looks at what is really hindering a lot of African ...


  4. FINISHED - 2014 09 03 - WS95 - Working Together Initiatives To Map And Frame Internet Governance - Room 1

    ... the networks work and how brilliant they will be for the economy. This is not typically the locals call the communities they have with ... civil rights organisation on A tree the European digital rights initiative, but then again t money and there's another ... is divided by a very poor but very passionate European digital rights initiative with 34 European initiatives and on the other hand, ...


  5. FINISHED - 2014 09 04 - ICANN Open Forum - Room 4

    ... was done completely bottom up.  Chris gift, our head of digital engagement had a very dedicated team working with him and they nagged ... include other disciplines.  They include the ministries of economy, include foreign affairs and include other players also when it comes ...



    ... North America as well and Europe, in that space there is no digital divide. I think the key is that we anchor the training into the needs ... establish a link between let's say openness as a theme and economy. It is impossible, you know, to speak to these people just with broad ...


  7. EI Workshop 175 Role of Policy Maker: Regulators in Better Governance of Internet

    ... repeat the question, Tracy.  While we are moving with the digital age, how the issues of private, security and social media are to seem ... very broad consultations.  How do we promote additional economy?  What are the important elements of this and you have your frame ...


  8. FINISHED - 2014 09 02 - Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality - Room 7

    ... and economic and political dynamic is almost to political economy of the issues is as happens in many other markets the broadcast certain ... became available, there were three types.  There was the digital subscriber loop on copper.  There were cable modems on coaxial cable ...


  9. IGF 2017 - Day 2 - Room XXIV - WS91 Policy Challenges for AI Development

    ... the recommendation of the world economic forum report of digital dividends, that we need to share the richness that the digital world is ... have a future in this, you know, world, otherwise the economy collapses obviously everything collapses.  I was thinking ...

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  10. IGF 2019 – Day 4 – Raum IV – DC on Core Internet Values (Part II)

    ... the update come from, knowing that the update has integrity, digital signatures will be helpful there. Security also means defense ... Of course, in the past, it was possible because the economy was not going so fast, the technology was not changing so fast, so ...

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