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  1. Youth Engagement at the IGF 2018 and Ways for Improvements

    ABOUT The IGF community has demonstrated its interest and commitment to enhancing  youth engagement in the IGF. The emerging growth of the existing youth IGF initiatives 1 was ...

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  2. Substantive Contributions for the IGF

    ... 2014  Remarks by the 8th Meeting of IGF Host Country, Indonesia ISOC submission: Producing Tangible ... on Best Practices Preparing the 2014 IGF: Security and privacy    Preparing the 2014 IGF: Reply ...


  3. IGF Code of Conduct

    ... Those who take part in any Internet Governance Forum ( IGF ) multi-stakeholder process (in-person meetings, virtual meetings, mailing ... agree to: Treat all members of the IGF community equally, irrespective of nationality, gender, racial or ethnic ...


  4. About IGF FAQs

    ... of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the IGF .  FAQ:  What is the Internet Governance Forum? ... Nations to convene the Global Internet Governance Forum ( IGF ) for multistakeholder policy dialogue. The convening of the IGF was ...


  5. National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2013

    List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2013 Regional IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2013 African IGF   Arab IGF ...


  6. NRIs Annual Meetings 2019

    ... national , regional , subregional and youth IGF initiatives ( NRIs ). The below records are updated as announced to the  IGF  Secretariat by the  NRIs . [ Subscribe here to the NRIs ...


  7. IGF 2021 Newsletter: April 2021

      IGF Newsletter: April 2021 In this ... ●     IGF 2021 Structure ●    IGF 2021 Call for sessions ●    ...

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  8. Latin American and Caribbean Regional Group (GRULAC)

    ... Annual Meeting Report Argentina  IGF Argentina national IGF was established in 2015 year. The main goal is to create a space for ...


  9. DCAD: Documents/Reports

      > DCAD Annual Report 2020 > IGF 2018 DCAD Session Report > IGF 2018 DCAD Paper on the SDGs > IGF 2017 Workshop No.145 "The ...


  10. Regional IGF Initiatives

    ... communities amongst themselves, but also with the global IGF . Below table shows the current record of the existing regional and sub-regional IGFs. Regional IGF Initiatives (19) Name About Annual ...



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