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  1. Past NRIs activities

    During the annual IGF meetings, the NRIs have organized different types of dedicated sessions. ... and supporting documents are shown below. IGF 2018, France [webpage] NRIs preparatory activities for the 2018 annual IGF meeting, according to the agreed annual  Work Plan 2018 NRIs ...


  2. Berlin IGF Messages

    ... to reflect on the overall discussions hosted during the IGF 2019, a consolidated set of messages for all three key themes of the IGF 2019 are developed. These messages are based on the post-session reports of ...


  3. Contributions Taking Stock of IGF 2015 and Looking Ahead to IGF 2016

    ... Contribution from Deirdre Williams Dutch IGF (NLIGF) Contribution from the Dutch IGF (NLIGF) European Commission Contribution from European ...


  4. IGF 2017 Call for Workshop Proposals

    ... submit proposals to hold workshops at the forthcoming IGF , which will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 18-21 December 2017.   ... 'Shape Your Digital Future!' , emphasizing both the IGF's participatory mechanisms and a forward-looking approach to the Internet ...


  5. IRPC: Documents/Reports

    > IGF IRPC 2019 Activity Report  > IGF IRPC Steering Committee Meeting Report - March 7, 2019 > IGF 2018 IRPC Session Report  > IGF 2018 IRPC Paper on the SDGs ...


  6. DC-Gender: Documents/Reports

    ... >   2018_Gender Report Cards_ppt >   2018 IGF Gender Report Cards report >  2018 DC GIG Paper_SDG5 > IGF 2018 DC-Gender Session Report > IGF 2018 DC-Gender Paper on the ...


  7. <div class="title-underline">IGF 2016: Habilitando un crecimiento inclusivo y sostenible" </div>

    The 2016 Internet Governance Forum ( IGF ): ‘Enabling Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’, was held at the ... 6-9 December 2016 in Jalisco, Mexico .  11th IGF Chair's Summary Schedule for IGF 2016 Watch Daily ...


  8. IGF 2019 Press Information

    The 14th annual IGF received a broad media/press coverage. Below are some of the sources that referenced to the IGF 2019 in Berlin. The list includes articles behind paywalls and articles in ... Kominfo Paparkan Tata Kelola Internet Indonesia di IGF 2019 Guterres warnt vor neuem Kaltem Krieg وزير ...


  9. IGF Community Public Consultation: Taking stock of the 2018 work programme and 13th IGF and suggestions for 2019 and 14th IGF

    ... [LIST OF CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED]   IGF Public Consultation: Call for Inputs - Taking stock   ... & community intersessional activities  -2018 IGF Annual Meeting -2019 work programme & community intersessional ...


  10. IGF Community Public Consultation: Taking stock of the 2017 work programme and 12th IGF and suggestions for 2018 and 13th IGF

    ... Open Consultations and  MAG  Meeting of the 2018 IGF preparatory process.   PUBLIC CALL FOR INPUTS All  IGF  stakeholders were invited to submit inputs to the IGF Secretariat ...



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