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  1. IGF 2019 – Day 1 – Estrel Saal B – DC on Network Neutrality (DCNN)

    ... Coalition on Net Neutrality.  This year will be on 5G, IoT , and zero‑rating challenges for Net Neutrality.  My name is Luca ... small. And lastly, an example of Internet of Things, IoT, and, yes, here I would also really caution the type of economic incentive ...

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  2. FINISHED - 2014 09 04 - WS61 - Policies and Practices to Enable the Internet of Things - Room 7

    ... in the next couple of years or even beyond that, the current IOT scenario I'm talking with at my day job with Ericsson, are in the order of ... technologies, for instance, large‑scale deployment of IOT devices, would probably benefit greatly from IPv6 and address larger number ...


  3. DC-IoT: Contacts

    For more information regarding the DC IoT please contact one of the following people: Shane Tews, Chair DC IoT Avri Doria, Independent researcher and consultant Dan Caprio, ...


  4. IGF 2020 WS #206 5G: Privacy Implications of intelligent connectivity

    Area:  Data Topic(s):  IoT Privacy Organizer 1: Boris Wojtan , GSMA ... - Who is responsible for security and privacy in a 5G/IoT World? - Where are the privacy challenges? Issues, ...


  5. IGF 2020 Pre-Event #19 Let's work. Deployment of internet standards and secure ICT products and services

    ... Sub-group presentation 04-11-2020 Members of the IOT Sub-group met on 27 October.  The group first discussed potential topics ... already taking place in other fora and processes relating to IoT standards and policies. The following actions were identified that will ...


  6. IGF 2019 – Day 3 – Convention Hall II – DC – Joint Efforts to achieve the SDGs

    ... is related to development of the new technologies such as IoT :  How can we secure them, both on the end level, on the end user level, ... a lot of headlines which use almost military language that IoT can be weaponized as a tool for a major cyberattack so Marten Botterman, ...

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  7. 2015 11 12 Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things Workshop Room 3 Finished

    ... to come to a concrete view on good practice, what is IoT good practice on a good level? So the subtitle is How To Prevent ... More Regulation in a way.  It is how can we organize IoT in such a way that we can move ahead benefiting from everything IoT has to ...


  8. 2018 IGF MAG Virtual Meeting IV

    ... Data Analysis in Distributed Cloud Environment AI IOT & Big Data Cybersecurity Gender & Access ( 2017 Output ...

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  9. IGF 2020 Dynamic Coalition Annual Reporting

    ... Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things  (DC- IoT ) Youth Coalition on Internet Governance   (YCIG) Dynamic ...


  10. IGF 2018 2nd OC & MAG Meeting: Agenda

    ... Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Internet of Things ( IoT ); Cybersecurity; Gender & Access; Local Content * 5 mins each ...



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