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  1. IGF 2020 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - II

    ... of our BPF from last year that was focusing on big data and IOT and AI. For the gender and access and then cybersecurity, we did not ...

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  2. 2019 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XV

    ... full, but we've been in exchange with regard to a speaker on IOT, a female speaker from Germany, and trying heavily to find a person with ...

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  3. IGF 2016 - Day 3 - Main Hall - IGF Dynamic Coalitions

    ... >> MAARTEN BOTTERMAN:  Thank you for the questions.  IoT is on the top of the agenda already for some time and increasingly also ...

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  4. 2015 11 13 Dynamic Coalitions Feedback Main Meeting Room FINISHED

    ... Coalitions should be the only one having a workshop on IoT but it is good that these are also cross‑informed if not set ‑‑ I'm ...


  5. 2015 11 10 Setting the Scene Workshop Room 10 FINISHED

    ... the IGF proceedings.  Thanks. >> RAHUL GOSAIN:  The IoT will go a long way in expanding the chances of inclusion for people with ...


  6. 2015 11 10 WS114 Implementing Core Principles in the Digital Age Workshop Room 10 FINISHED

    ... decisions are very technical.  And they do happen at the IoT .  That's why it is so good that we have rights people there.  Then ...


  7. IGF 2018 - Day 2 - Salle VIII - OF17 Children and AI - securing child rights for the ai generation

    ... I work for national research and we conducted research about IOT and internet of choice.  Is it an opportunity or challenge? ...

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  8. Dynamic Coalition Internet of Things

    ... at all.  It seems they didn't anticipate emergence of the IOT so quickly.   The last one I guess is very emergent and that's the new ...


  9. IGF 2019 – Day 0 – Raum V – High Level Internet Governance Exchange Panel on Digital Inclusion

    ... ups and SMEs who want to invest in the field blockchain iOT, that is, internet of things and all these important things that they can ...

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  10. IGF 2018 - Day 3 - Salle II - WS75 Approaches to a Wicked Problem: Stakeholders Promote Enhanced Coordination and Collaborative, Risk-Based Frameworks of Regional and National Cybersecurity Initiatives

    ... 3.5 billion people to add, yet. You know, we've got the IOT tidal wave coming. And, so, it has to be flexible. And I think also we have ...

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