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  1. DC on Internet of Things (DC-IoT) Open Session at EuroDIG

    ... IGF Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things  IoT is inevitable, and next to offering new business opportunities, it is ... Further strengthen the “security” paragraphs in the IoT Global Good Practice paper as currently exists. All input on that is ...

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  2. DC-IoT: Action Plan

    ... For 2015/2016, the plan for action is to take the DC IoT draft statement forward in dialogue inviting people from different ... sign up for the meetings that will be posted at . This website contains information about the work ...


  3. DC-IoT: Stakeholders

      The initiative for the DC IoT originates from the 3rd IGF in Hydrabad and was taken by  • ... all stakeholder groups are represented in the work of DC IoT. A larger group passively participated over time, and all that have ... this list, which is open to any stakeholder with interest in IoT.   ...


  4. DC on Net Neutrality (DCNN) at RightsCon

    ... and the compatibility of 5G and the Internet of Things ( IoT ) with NN frameworks •    The impact of zero rating of dominant ... to geaopolitical impact of 5G networks). While 5G and the IoT are supposed to bring incredible changes to the way connectivity is ...

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  5. FINISHED - 2014 09 04 - WS61 - Policies and Practices to Enable the Internet of Things - Room 7

    ... in the next couple of years or even beyond that, the current IOT scenario I'm talking with at my day job with Ericsson, are in the order of ... technologies, for instance, large‑scale deployment of IOT devices, would probably benefit greatly from IPv6 and address larger number ...


  6. 2015 11 12 Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things Workshop Room 3 Finished

    ... to come to a concrete view on good practice, what is IoT good practice on a good level? So the subtitle is How To Prevent ... More Regulation in a way.  It is how can we organize IoT in such a way that we can move ahead benefiting from everything IoT has to ...


  7. IGF 2018 2nd OC & MAG Meeting: Agenda

    ... Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Internet of Things ( IoT ); Cybersecurity; Gender & Access; Local Content * 5 mins each ...


  8. Perez, Ricardo Andres

    ... 20"  of  the  ITU  related  to  the  subject  IoT . ...


  9. NRIs Meeting V

    ...     NRIs collaboration with BPF on AI, Big Data and IoT 6.      Reminder to NRIs-BPF on Cybersecurity Call (17 July) 7.  ...

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  10. DC-IoT: Contacts

      For more information regarding the DC IoT please contact one of the following people (in alphabetical order): ...



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