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    ... a foundation called Media for Change. I'm currently on the mag of the India IGF which the Indian Government has just initiated. There's a ... the India Internet Governance Conference. I serve on the mag as well and the global mag. So there is a lot of learning ‑‑ there's a ...


  2. IGF 2017 - Day 0 - Salle 6 - Commercial Law Development Programme

    ... one of them is a Nigerian businessman who was on the IGF mag.  And Mary , national and regional initiatives, talked about ... I've been in IGF.  And last year, I was appointed as a MAG member.  Where I help with the IGF  chapter in the ...

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  3. IGF 2017 - Day 2 - Room XVII Plenary - Empowering Global Cooperation on Cybersecurity for Sustainable Development and Peace

    ... I'm serving as the inter governance form of the IGF mag chair.  My role this afternoon is very simple and short.  I ... but I'd also like to take a moment to introduce the two mag members to organize this session on behalf of the mag, and that's Juan ...

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  4. IGF 2018 - Day 1 - Salle III - WS407 Digital development & Data Protection in the global south: MENA region as an example

    ... (?) ICT committee.  He's also the chair of the Arab AGF MAG .  Charles will provide his experience in the workplace performance also ...

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  5. 2012/2013 Calendar

    ... 28 February  - 1 March:  IGF Open Consultations and MAG meetings at UNESCO HQ, Paris (with the WSIS +10 meeting) May 21-23 May: IGF Open Consultations and MAG meetings in Geneva   IGF meetings 2012 February ...


  6. NRI Members

    ... Andere, Kenya, org: African Youth Commission, Kenya IGF- MAG Member, African IGF-MAG Member, African Youth IGF-Coordinator Ken Taylor, USA, INTA Kennedy ...


  7. 2015 11 13 Open Mic Main Meeting Hall FINISHED

    ... thank you. >> SUBI CHATURVEDI: I'm a member of the MAG and I come from India.  To the beautiful City of Joao Pessoa, and the ... the journey and for being here. Last year, the MAG introduced three new members.  We are very proud of the contribution that ...


  8. Closing Ceremony

    ... processes. The multistakeholder advisory group, or MAG , may also need to take an expanded role in finalizing these documents, and that in turn may need us to predetermine the MAG's legitimacy such as the black box process. These may be controversial ...


  9. 2015 11 13 Closing Ceremony Main Meeting Hall FINISHED

    ... broadened his horizons.  There are young people on the MAG helping to build the program, partner with stakeholders and bring their ...


  10. IGF 2016 - Day 2 - Room 7 - WS158: Human Rights Advocacy Strategies for the Digital Age

    ... This field is complex and it's ‑‑ we suffer from the mag pie effect of shiny new issues popping up everywhere.  We need to ... be protected.  So processes.  Meeting members of the mag and hosting U.N. advocacy.  So targeting MAG members and we had ...

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