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  1. 2019 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XIV

    ... across the IGF ecosystem whether that is D.C.s, BPFs, NRI activities that all comes into these sessions as well.  I think there is ... or tomorrow, or maybe she has done, I'm not sure I'm on the NRI list.  But that is coming as well.  We were doing slightly different ...

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  2. IGF 2016 - Day 0 - Room 6 - Newcomers Track

    ... the IGF, and frankly, it's because of the creation of the NRI 's and the impact of the NRI's and the intercessional work and the engagement of governments in the UN, ...

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  3. IGF 2019 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3 Afternoon

    ... those two efforts, in particular, and particularly the NRI , the interpretation is really helpful for them.  They are a really ... comments.  And I wanted to share as well that in our own NRI, we start with plenary.  We do plenary, and we break out, because we don't ...

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  4. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XI

    ... be helpful for the MAG members to see.  The next one is NRI updates from our focal point.  NRI focal point, Anja.     >> Anja:  I will provide an update very ...

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  5. IGF 2017 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3

    ... take this opportunity to say Anja, when she read out the NRI , that was not the secretariat doing the work.  She was reading direct ... was a little bit of confusion at some point, but that was a NRI submission that Anja simply read out by -- on the request of some of the ...

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  6. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - VII

    ... put it in the chat room, that would be excellent.  Nine NRI collaborative sessions and some Dynamic Coalition sessions and Best ... those what I call internal working sessions of a DC or NRI who might want sessions amongst themselves, simply taking advantage of the ...

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  7. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XV

    ... that they will delegate their speakers.  Some of the NRI colleagues are, still ask for more time to confirm their attendance.  If ... the intersessional updates on BPFs, D.C.s, CENB and NRI updates.  Anja, do you want to give us, a update on NRIs.  You sent a ...

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  8. NRIs Virtual Meeting VIIIab, 25 and 29 July 2016

    ... 4. Participants introduced themselves stating which NRI they are affiliated with, and were asked to share any updates on their ... 21. It was reminded that the fixed request for the NRI Main Session are the format, which is a round table and length of the ...


  9. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - VIII

    ... Markus.  Seeing none, Anja, as most of you know, is the NRI focal point within the Secretariat.  I've asked her to give us a quick ...

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  10. IGF 2018 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3

    ... overall scheduling.  And we also have discussions on the NRI requests for their participation within various parts of the IGF annual ... some of the intersessional pieces of work and some of the NRI pieces of work so that all of them are fully nurtured and really ...

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