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  1. NRIs Points of Contacts (Coordinators)

    ... a functional term used within the planning processes of the NRI’s collaboration. It is not intended to replace any official terms or ... below, please contact the IGF Secretariat. NRI Name of the Coordinator(s)   Email ...


  2. IGF 2021 Call for NRIs Grants

    ... order to ‎support the ‎funding sustainability of the NRI process, the applicants should demonstrate ‎that funding or ... preparatory processes.  ‎ Outline expected costs of NRI meeting.‎ Describe how the NRI process and related work scope ...


  3. 2019 IGF MAG Virtual Meeting II

    ... Regional & Youth Initiatives (NRIs) Joint NRI Activities in 2018 IGF 2018 MAG Meeting Calendar - Virtual & ...

    Event Calendar

  4. BPF Cybersecurity 2018 Contributions NRIs

    ... but if you have the opportunity to discuss them in your NRI, we welcome your input. Contributions will be listed on the IGF ... Questions Your name and official role at the NRI you are responding for: Coordindator Chair or co-chair Member ...


  5. 2019 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XV

    ...  Mary made some good points, but unfortunately for the NRI sessions we can really reorganize the schedule anymore.  To follow ...  I don't think we've heard back from them yet.  And the NRI sessions are only one hour long. I don't know if Mary wants to say ...

    Transcript page

  6. IGF 2020 NRIs Call for Grants

    ... In order to ‎support the funding sustainability of the NRI process, the applicants should demonstrate ‎that funding or donations ... preparatory processes.   Outline expected costs of NRI meeting. Describe how the work scope extends to communities from least ...


  7. Newsletter Volume 1 No. 1, May 2020

    ... Open Forums, Day 0 pre-events, Dynamic Coalition sessions, NRI sessions and IGF Village Booths have now closed. The list of submissions ... Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most NRI meetings scheduled for the first half of 2020 have been postponed ...

    News Item

  8. NRIs Collaborative Session on Fake News

    ... interactive between NRIs who have signed up for this NRI session, while also accommodating a brief audience question/comment ... NRIs, followed by 1-2 minute exchanges among the designated NRI speakers.   Segment II will be prioritized to hearing a brief round of ...



    ... Open Forum, etc.): Round table - Title: IGF 2018 NRI Main Session: Evolution of Internet Governance, NRIs perspectives on the ... Colombia, Italy, Japan, Portugal and Chad. Resourcing NRI initiatives was a common challenge, with funding most commonly mentioned in ...

    Main Session

  10. IGF 2019 – Day 2 – Estrel Saal C – NRIs Collaborative Session On Harmful Content

    ... Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  Our session is NRI collaborative session on harmful content.  It is the security ‑‑ ... content.  Just a minute, please.  Toire. NRI collaborative session on harmful content on the Internet.  We have a ...

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