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  1. Summary Report: 2nd IGF MAG Meeting and Open Consultations 14-16 July

    ... some of the National and Regional IGF Initiatives [14] ( NRIs ) and the MAG coordinators then gave short updates to the community on ... increasing the synergies and collaboration between the NRIs and the IGF. All stakeholders were invited to join an open mailing list ...


  2. MAG Chair activities

    ... Overview of topic NRIs can be described as the most significant evolution of the IGF model since ... forum held in Athens in 2006. What are the next steps for NRIs? Have ‎they reached the limit of their potential, or can they play a ...


  3. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - IV

    ... enough to engage all the intersectional activities and the NRIs both in sort of understanding the improvements we're trying to make to ... that we are involving the intersessional activities and the NRIs in the shaping the IGF program and that everybody is clear on the ...

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  4. BPF Cybersecurity (2017)

    ...   from IGF National and Regional Initiatives ( NRIs ) and from other relevant entities or organisations who may be holding ...   Questions [*Please see HERE for NRIs-specific questionnaire] : How does good cybersecurity ...


  5. IGF 2020 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XII

    ... is a really busy month.  July is ‑‑ there are lots of NRIs .  I know that many of you are busy with the NRIs.  I will be speaking next week at the High‑Level Political Forum in New ...

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  6. IGF 2016 2nd Open Consultations and MAG Meeting July 14

    ... very quickly that perhaps under AOB for any of the NRIs who did not get to give a quick update on the first day when I did the ... I see there are so good speakers that are involved in the NRIs of the vision, and I also see that the topic is about sustainable growth ...


  7. IGF 2020 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - IV

    ... Good. And Anja, you will brief us later on the NRIs . ANJA: Yes, I will.        >> CHAIR ANRIETTE ... inform the MAG about the recent developments regarding  the NRIs preparatory process for the upcoming IGF in Katowice and also about the ...

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  8. IGF 2018 - Day 1 - Salle XI - IGF 2018 Newcomers Intro Session

    ... a bit about what we've done and ask her to talk about the NRIs as they're important and a way for us to advance what's important to us ... a few words about who are the national regional IGFs, or the NRIs in short.  What do they do and how can you meet them if you're ...

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  9. 2019 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XVIII

    ...  Can definitely see the value, specifically and in the NRIs as well, as a separate, it's a great opportunity to showcase their work, ... the key messages into workshops and best practice fora NRIs because that is of no interest to anybody.  I think it would be more ...

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  10. IGF 2019 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3

    ... sessions, because already that assumes one for DCs and NRIs .  So let me see first -- the first question in front of me is is ... main session would be allocated to the DCs and one to the NRIs.  So I just wanted to confirm that with those two aside, there are still ...

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