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  1. IGF 2017 - Day 4 - Room IX - DC On Publicness

    ... session of ‑‑ a NRI session before and many of the NRIs were saying actually the people that are not connected are also people ...

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  2. IGF 2018 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3 Afternoon

    ... same time we should also have better engagement with the NRIs as it was felt that this was an issue of importance in particular to ... as the digital security divide.  And there obviously the NRIs could play a very important role on bringing in the perspective of ...

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  3. IGF 2017 - Day 4 - Room XXIV - IGF Youth Initiatives

    ... I think those that we want to see how ‑‑ if other NRIs can try to use it and also improve it together with the feedback and ... create this networking concept like you have done with the NRIs, then there is a go‑to.  So if we get the MAG to say diversity ...

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  4. IGF 2020 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - VIII

    ...   Next we have updates from the Dynamic Coalitions, the NRIs and the BPFs.      And I start?  I'll start it in that sequence. ... to add or you can speak later.      Let's move on to NRIs.  Anja, can I hand over to you to report on NRIs?       >> ANJA ...

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  5. IGF 2016 2nd Open Consultations and MAG Meeting July 12

    ...  I just wanted to add also upcoming is the item about NRIs , that we are having the Webinar today with IGF Brazil, but also we ... I just clarify that what I'm doing now is an update on the NRIs or are you looking for comments from the floor about the NRIs?   ...


  6. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XVI

    ... evolution of internet governance, the co organized with NRIs . >> LYNN ST. AMOUR: Okay. Is that something Anja can give us an update ... responsibilities assigned to rapporteurs.  Finally, for the NRIs, on Saturday, some of the NRIs will join me at the UNESCO venue to set up ...

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  7. 2019 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XII (RAW)

    ... and then come back to the main session reports from the NRIs and the DCs.   You have the floor.   Luis, can you just help -- we ... for this meeting, it is to update on the format.   The NRIs, they were very firm on the fact that they would like to change the format ...

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  8. IGF 2020

    ... |  IGF Village Booths  |  DC Sessions  |  NRIs Sessions  | closed on 22 April 2020, 23:59 UTC. Received ... and 15h IGF Music Night   closed. Call to NRIs to apply for financial grants closed on 3 March. IGF 2020 ...


  9. IGF 2019 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3 Morning

    ... the only thing the IGF ecosystem does all year.  We have NRIs and DCs and best practice forums and a host of other meetings that we ... we go forward.  It's a great opportunity to engage DCs and NRIs and things as well in terms of all the kind of work we do across the IGF ...

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  10. IGF 2017 - Day 0 - Salle 6 - Commercial Law Development Programme

    ... learn about particular topics.  What else?  Questions? NRIs one of the NRI sessions.  I'm doing one on fake news.  But you should ... agenda.  And Omar, who is trying to leave us, is actually NRIs.  The IGFs itself or to the UN.  They Work together on a volunteer ...

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