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  1. NRIs Collaborative Session on Access

    ... from moderator (5 minutes). Statements from NRIs representatives by region, maximum 7 representatives (5 min each - 35 ... from various National and Regional initiatives -  NRIs and to learn on how Access has been addressed among other NRIs and  to exchange the outputs of these discussions.. Multiple discussions ...


  2. 2016 IGF Main Session: National and Regional IGFs (NRIs)

    ... IGF Main Session: National and Regional IGF initiatives ( NRIs ) 7 December, 15:00 – 18:00 p.m. at the Main Meeting Hall ... are 79 national, regional, sub-regional and Youth IGFs (NRIs). They have emerged spontaneously, and are of an organic nature. The ...


  3. Summary Report: MAG Virtual Meeting on Community Intersessional Activities and NRIs 13 September 2016

    ... Activities and National and Regional Initiatives ( NRIs )  13 September 2016 Summary Report   ... Activities and National and Regional IGF Initiatives (NRIs) was held on 13 September 2016. Ms. Lynn St. Amour moderated the meeting ...


  4. NRIs Collaborative Session on Fake News

    ... attempt to be both informative, and interactive between NRIs who have signed up for this NRI session, while also accommodating a ... on understanding the discussions that took place at these NRIs, exchanging also among the organizing NRIs [ 25 minutes] via lightening ...


  5. IGF 2018: NRIs Preparatory Process

    NRIs preparatory activities for the 2018 annual IGF meeting, according to the agreed annual  Work Plan ​ 2018 NRIs Meetings Summaries: Virtual Meeting I, 1 February 2018 at ... Meeting II, 28 March 2018 at 14:00 p.m. UTC Outcome: NRIs preparations for organizing a joint/main session at the IGF 2018 are ...


  6. NRIs Collaborative Sessions

    ... national, regional, subregional and Youth IGF initiatives ( NRIs ) will partner among themselves on eight (8) different topics, to ... several rounds of public consultations and surveys, the NRIs have decided to organize the following sessions:   ...


  7. NRIs Points of Contacts (Coordinators)

    As described in the NRIs Toolkit , all NRIs have a dedicated point of contact within the initiative that acts as a ... to replace any official terms or appointments by the NRIs for their own operational purposes. All updates about the individual ...


  8. IGF NRIs Collaborative Session on Data

    Learning from the NRIs : exchanging experiences and insights on data retention, government ... LACIGF Session title Learning from the NRIs: exchanging experiences and insights on data retention, government access ... environment for the beginning of focused discussions between NRIs on issues related to data. It is structured to be a moment for sharing ...


  9. ThematicWork

    ... Benin IGF 2016 Report.pdf IGF2016_NRIs Virtual Meeting IX.pdf IGF2016_NRIs Virtual Meeting VIIIab.pdf IGF2016 NRIs Virtual Meeting ...

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  10. IGF 2017 WS #290 Synthesis Document - A Collective Output Shaping the Future of IGF & NRIs: An Experience from APrIGF

    Proposer's Name: Ms. Yannis Li Proposer's Organization: DotAsia Organisation (Secretariat of APrIGF) Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Jennifer Chung Co-Proposer's Organization: DotAsia Organisation (Secretariat of APrIGF) Co...

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