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  1. Invitation to the Ninth Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum

    ... Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA )   ...


  2. NRIs Virtual Meeting XVI

    ... and Technology Manager; IGF MAG Chair, and toward UNDESA . A confirmation of acceptance to the IGF MAG Chair was noted, while ...


  3. IGF 2014 Intergovernmental Organisation Participants

    ... UNCTAD Miss. Mervi Kultamaa UNDESA Mr  Thomas Gass UNDP Miss. ECE NAZIFE ...


  4. IGF 2014 (tabbed)

    ... of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA ).  Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the ...


  5. 1-31 May 2009

    ... of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA ) and report back to UNDESA. The advice the MAG provides to the UN gets channeled through the ...


  6. Substantive Contributions for the IGF

    ... [ pdf ] Childcare consortium contribution to UNDESA 's Work in Implementing the WSIS Plan of Action , Anantharaj ...


  7. IGF 2012 - Closing Ceremony

    ... interpretation and the IGF secretariat led by the UNDESA staff whose tireless work over the past years has made these session ... looks forward to make the necessary co‑ordination with the UNDESA and the IGF Secretariat in particular of administrative and logistical ...


  8. December 2014 - IGF Open Consultations and MAG Meeting - Day 1 - Afternoon

    ... in New York in September, perhaps under the auspices of UNDESA or perhaps under Brazil or perhaps another country that would hold it ... as well as many others of the points of -- that UNCTAD and UNDESA said before that I really appreciate very much.  Latin America has ...


  9. IGF 2016 - Day 2 - Room 6 - WS272: Sustainable Accessible Goals for persons with disabilities.

    ... related to the SDGs. We work with the support of UNDESA , ICT industry, organizations of persons with disabilities, governments ...

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  10. High Level Leaders Meeting Session 1 and 2

    ... in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs UNDESA , to the podium to give his remarks. Mr. Gass, please. >> THOMAS ... U.K., Brazil, and Japan, also accompanied by Mr. Gass from UNDESA and Mr. Fadi from ICANN to a group photo. You are all invited to stand ...



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