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  1. 2015 11 13 Closing Ceremony Main Meeting Hall FINISHED

    ... Government and people of Brazil, and the IGF Secretariat, UNDESA and all those involved in making this event a success and for the ... of Host Country Brazil, the Governor and people of Paraiba, UNDESA, CGI, and the IGF Secretariat, all the volunteers, and the ...


  2. 2015 11 11 Inter-regional dialogue session Workshop Room 8 FINISHED

    ... that for you who have been following the fortunes of WSIS UNDESA was in the meeting and remarked during the meeting that if only they ... national and regional coordinators so they can reach into UNDESA and reach into bringing an outside resource into perhaps stimulate ...


  3. 2015 11 10 WSIS+10 Consultations Main Meeting Hall FINISHED

    ... on that.  I would also like to make reference to the UNDESA work on the 10‑year review report on WSIS, which concludes the ... presence of the Assistant Secretary‑General, the role that UNDESA has played, we're one team back at the UN with all of your input.  We ...


  4. May 2011 MAG meeting

    ... like to encourage the Secretariat to either share with UNDESA or maybe, if the mandate allows them, to actually reach out and -- as ...


  5. December 2014 - IGF Open Consultations and MAG Meeting - Day 1 - Morning

    ... 2015 IGF.  As a final remark, we would like to thank UNDESA and IGF secretariat team and MAG, once again, for their close ...


  6. MAG meeting - 2013 - Afternoon

    ... of sustainable development came up, our colleague from UNDESA here would like to take the floor?  Can you -- and I also would like ... of all, I would like to appreciate the IGF Secretariat, the UNDESA, and, of course, the EBU, the president of EBU who himself has offered ...


  7. Open Consultations - May- Afternoon session

    ... a few words to us.  And I think also Elia Armstrong from UNDESA will also then address us.  Please, sir.   >>JEAN PAUL ... that you have shared with us.  Yes, Elia Armstrong from UNDESA would also like to say a few words.  Please.   >>ELIA ...


  8. Open Consultations, Afternoon session

    ... >>ALICE MUNYUA:   Okay.  Thank you, Chengetai.  UNDESA now. >>UNDESA:  Dear colleagues, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, on ...


  9. IGF 2017 WS #4 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Roundtable: Are we running out of resources & bandwidth?

    ... to UN, she has also assured to champion our voices, we had UNDESA present who funded the UN Oceans conference. Underscoring what Jane and ...


  10. FINISHED - 2014 09 03 - BPF1 - Developing Meaningful Multistakeholder Participation Mechanisms - Room 1

    ... I tried to explain that. And I'm glad to say that even UNDESA has recognized that developing nation's businesses just as they ...



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