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  1. About IGF FAQs

    ... provided by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs ( UNDESA ). Who hosts the IGF? The host countries for the past ... agreement is signed between the UN (administered through UNDESA ) and the host country. If the meeting is held at a UN duty station in ...


  2. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XV

    ... all three of them, and the good support they got from UNDESA as well.  You can see that it was a lot of work and fairly easy for ... through consultants, some through IGF Secretariat staff or UNDESA staff.  We have been working to try and pull all of that together. ...

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  3. Funding

    ... United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs  (UNDESA). All contributions are administered and accounted for in accordance ...


  4. NRIs Virtual Meeting III, 22 March 2019 at 15 PM UTC

    ... other participants to provide feedback.   From UNDESA , an incremental and dynamic growth of the NRIs was mentioned as ... of the NRIs. Participants were also asked to propose how the UNDESA and the IGF Secretariat can better support the NRIs, suggesting as ...


  5. Community Feedback questionnaire on the draft IGF Programme Framework chart

    ... (together with the Host Country and the IGF Secretariat/ UNDESA ).  In 2018, the MAG decided to announce a “Call for IGF issues” ...


  6. NRIs Virtual Meeting I

    ... that it represents a direct meeting between the NRIs, the UNDESA , IGF MAG Chair and the IGF Secretariat. Because of these reasons, its ...


  7. 2018 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XIII

    ...      >> WaiMin:  Yes, hello.  WaiMin here from UNDESA .  I don't have anything specific to share.  Just that we have ...

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  8. IGF 2019 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3

    ... today.  >>CHAIR ST. AMOUR:   Thank you.  Deniz from UNDESA .  >>DENIZ SUSAR:   Good morning, everyone.  I can only remind ... morning to discuss their views on the MAG chair.  So UNDESA is available if another stakeholder would like to contact us and with ...

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  9. NRIs Virtual Meeting X: 4 October 2016

    ... that the MAG Chair will be present, representatives from UNDESA and the IGF Secretariat, as well as for now 14 IGF NRIs ...


  10. Summary Report: IGF MAG Meeting and Open Consultations 4-6 April 2016

    ... iven the clear willingness of all participants (including UNDESA and the UN) to work together to improve on various modalities. ... United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).   2.         The agenda for the 3-day meeting was ...



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