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  1. IGF 2020 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XI

    ... a good theme for the IGF 2020, the virtual IGF.   The WSIS Forum started with    the WSIS Forum started on the 22nd of June.  The IGF, we    we, the IGF ...

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    ... Development, ITU’s Global Symposium for Regulators, the WSIS Forum, the Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation ...

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  3. NRIs Meeting V

    ... previous practices, where for example the session on the WSIS +10 Review at the 2015 IGF was designed in a similar way, giving speakers ...


  4. Open Consultations 24 February 2009 Transcript

    ... Valerie D'Costa, was very active in the last phase of the WSIS , she was a member of the MAG, and then she took on the InfoDev program ... Tunis Agenda?  To what extent has the IGF complied with WSIS principles?  What has the impact of the IGF been in direct terms for ...


  5. 2015 11 11 Internet Economy and Sustainable Development Main Meeting Hall FINISHED

    ... major importance to IGF 10, and definitely to the ongoing WSIS overall review by the General Assembly.  The results of this main ... provide a valuable input to the preparatory process of the WSIS output document. I want to highlight this point very much.  For ...


  6. Youth Coalition on Internet Governance (YCIG)

    ... Draft Outcome of the Overall Review of the Implementation of WSIS Outcomes - December 2015 IGF 2015 YCIG Session Report ...


  7. IGF 2020 - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XII

    ... Africa and Ghana.  Very busy month.  And we have the WSIS Forum which is starting as well.  And as I just e‑mailed all of you ... but we should start planning for the IGF session during the WSIS Forum.  But that's only ‑‑ Chengetai, what is the date of that ...

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  8. NRIs Meting VI

    ... that this approach was used during the session on the WSIS +10 Review. If endorsed by the NRIs, this format would require defining ...


  9. 2015 11 11 WS 68 Can Civil Society Impact Global Internet Governance? Workshop Room 10 FINISHED

    ... that we interviewed.  After the marginalization at WSIS , they wanted to get back in the global Internet Governance Game, for ... case, it was not only linked to the IGF development to the WSIS development, but the main turn, I would say, the most important turn, was ...


  10. IGF 2020 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 2

    ... the Internet society, the CRISP campaign, and later the WSIS and the WGIG.  And I am a member of the Brazilian chapter of the ... with my daughter who was four months and I was -- it was for WSIS prep but was a member of the U.N. ICT task force which was a fairly ...

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