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  1. Dynamic Coalition on Privacy

    ... Bank World Press Freedom Committee  (WPFC) WSIS Civil Society Working Group on Privacy and Security WSIS Human Rights Caucus  [In French and English] Yale Information ...


  2. IGF 2020 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting - ITU

    ...  Now let me just give you a quick update on the WSIS Forum.  WSIS Forum 2020 will be held virtually from the 22nd of June, culminating in a ...

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  3. IGF 2019 – Day 4 – Raum III – WS #308 Sustainability of NRIs: Strategy for Future IGF

    ... As we know that this IGF was the ‑‑ one output of the WSIS process in Tunis and agenda No. 72 established annual global IGF.  ... start with Tracy at a regional and local level.  During the WSIS process it was started representative.  Tracy, can you share some of your ...

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  4. CSTD Reports

    ... reports from the IGF Secretariat on the implementation of WSIS outcomes. Report of the CSTD Working Group on Improvements ... the Outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS):  2015 Input from the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)   [January ...


  5. Moisander, Juuso

    ... phase of World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS ) since 2008. He is a member of ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee ... governance model in Finland, he chairs the national WSIS coordination group and is the chair of their national IGF , the Finnish ...


  6. Kaspar, Lea

    ... Internet Governance Forums ( IGF ), the NETmundial, the WSIS +10 Review process, the UN Commission on Science and Technology for ... Union ( ITU ) including the WCIT, the WTPF, and the WSIS+10 MPP. She has engaged in these processes as on-site participant, ...


  7. Bidart, Silvia

    ... in the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS ); she has attended and participated as a speaker in several of the WSIS forums and the Latin IGF initiatives. Ms. Bidart is also: (1) ...


  8. The Internet Governance Forum

    ... outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS +10). As part of the outcome of WSIS+10 , the General Assembly acknowledged the role of the IGF as a ...


  9. IGF 2019 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 1 Morning

    ... everybody is trying to juggle their schedules across their WSIS activities and the MAG activities as well.  But I certainly hope that ... we appreciate the opportunity to participate deeply in the WSIS activities as well.  But, again, I do hope we have good participation ...

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  10. Retreat on Advancing the 10-Year Mandate of the Internet Governance Forum

    ... General Assembly on the overall review of the outcomes of WSIS (A/RES/70/125 of 16 December 2015), the existing mandate of the Internet ... inputs from all relevant stakeholders and the wider IGF and WSIS community. The UN Secretariat welcomes nominations by individuals or ...



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