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  1. Ms. Franz, Liesyl I.

    ... review of the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS +10 Review). Previously, Ms. Franz was vice president for ...


  2. Suto, Timea

    ... During the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS ), ICC convened and facilitated business input and through ICC BASIS, it ... input and support engagement from business into the post-WSIS activities, whether at the UN and its various agencies or via ...


  3. Cavalli, Olga

    ... Affairs of Argentina, she has represented Argentina in the WSIS Second Phase held in Tunis. She is the Coordinator of the Latin ...


  4. Paque, Virginia

    ... Task Force on the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS ) brought her into the world of Internet governance (IG) during the ...


  5. The IGF 2009 Meeting

    ... Access IG in the Light of WSIS Principles   Day 4 ...


  6. Miller, Cheryl Ann

    ... for the 9th IGF in Istanbul, and participated in the WSIS + 10 review process to explain the importance of the IGF and advocate ...


  7. AlHashimi, Hana

    ... outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society ( WSIS +10). As a delegate to the Second Committee, she coordinated the Group of ...


  8. Workshops

    ... WS15 - An “Internet of Women” by 2020 WSIS Vision into Reality.pdf WS19 - Enhancing Linguistic and ...

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  9. Kee, Jac sm

    ... has participated in High Level and parallel sessions at WSIS and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). She is an active ...


  10. 2019 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - VII

    ... for the coming face to face meeting in April during the WSIS forum week, just a reminder to please register.  If Luis could put it ... compete with the main session e and opening sessions of the WSIS forum. The second reason was that given the major purpose of this second ...

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